It’s natural to miss our loved ones, and want to know how they are doing in the spirit world. Many people wish to speak to those they have lost. Those who are able to communicate with the spirit world are called Mediums. Psychic mediums connect to the spirit world during a Séance, tuning in and either seeing, hearing or feeling the messages the spirits wish to communicate. Mediums usually act as the messenger between the spirit and the client, although some practice Channeling, which happens when the spirit uses the medium’s mind and body to communicate directly with the recipient.



We believe we have the most gifted psychic mediums in New Zealand, hand picked for their natural abilities as well as their compassionate and empathetic natures, something that is incredibly important when communicating with the spirits. In an online session, the psychic medium will tune into the spirit world and communicate with whoever appears on your behalf. They will then relay what they have experienced back to you, describing everything in as much detail as possible, and any messages that the spirits have for you. The medium will give you the opportunity to discuss what this means to you and your life, and any messages you wish to pass on yourself.