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My name is Tracy Jane and I am a natural psychic and work closely with my natural senses and guides, to bring insight and guidance to your everyday life situations. I can look at areas such as love/relationship, working life or general. In order to build a psychic connection, I work intuitively while also using crystals, tarot cards, crystal ball, ribbons, voice / video calls, photographs and psychometry. I also demonstrate clairvoyantly as well as being able to communicate directly with spirit via mediumship. I currently undertake divine services in both independent and SNU churches as well as other platform work across the north east of England. I am also involved in charity events providing services and private tarot readings to raise funds where needed whilst hoping to bring joy and comfort to those that are looking for answers. I predominantly work hands free using my intuition first and foremost whilst tuning into the client's energy. I find that I absorb pain, feelings and emotions from people almost instantly and use my past experiences to connect to the person on a deeper level. All pain is subjective as all psychological pain bears spiritual wounds. I also use tools to prompt me and provide symbols and signs that are individual to each client. All symbols bear individuality and never offer the same direction twice!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The most rewarding aspect of this work is knowing that after a reading has taken place my clients seem to be happy, contented and comforted. Knowing that a relatively short conversation held with someone could have made a difference to their lives and way of thinking whilst giving them hope and comfort leaves me feeling humbled and extremely satisfied. I am a great believer that our paths are mapped out for us and that we are guided to be where we need to be in life, at the time that we are ready for the challenges we all have to face. I also believe that everything happens for a reason to help us grow and blossom. I feel blessed when I can shed light on a situation for someone that is unable to see hope and clarity in their lives or the way forward.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Piscean! I have my psychic abilities first and foremost which is a classic Pisces trait, and I am compassionate, affectionate and sensitive although my head is always in the clouds daydreaming. However, I can think outside of the box when necessary, and my Piscean energy awakens my imagination and artistic passion. I also have the classic astrology traits which include being soft, romantic, helpful, wise, soothing, healing and empathic, although this enables me to soak up the emotions of others like a sponge which isn’t always a good thing!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first consulted a medium in my early twenties out of curiosity and for comfort. Not understanding my early and young interactions with the spirit world, I was drawn to find answers as I have always felt spirits around me especially my late grandmother from as young as 3 years old. As a young child I would draw pictures of the memories that spirit showed me although I never understood where these images came from as I had no connection with the people that showed me them. The medium I met with confirmed that communication with spirit was possible, which led my desire to develop my own spiritual nature. Years later, by chance or spiritual guidance, I was introduced to an established medium who wanted to develop my gift and showed me how I could give messages of love and hope from those that have passed. Having acquired my first set of tarot cards at the age of 18, I was not compelled to use them until recent years when I was able to further develop my mediumistic skills. Having also observed the practices and methods of experienced tarot readers I have been able to build and establish a bond with the deck and continue to learn their mystical side as well as the hidden depths of this craft to help bring clients compassionate meaningful answers and solace using the wisdom that lies within this mystical practice.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are simply too many memorable instances to list, I have a lot of returning clients giving confirmation of events coming to fruition, marriages, careers etc. I do however have fond memories of an elderly gentleman who appeared lonely, withdrawn and to have given up all hope. A few kind words and memories from the past relating to his mining days appeared to lift his spirits and put the biggest warm glow on his face and twinkle back into his eyes. He was especially pleased to hear that shadows he was seeing from the corner of his eye belong to his childhood dog that lay at his feet while he watched Coronation Street, and was overjoyed to know that his oldest friend that had been hiding things in his house such as keys and pens to catch his attention as well as moving his pictures around - as he had been of the opinion that he was "losing his marbles". I also have a smile for the wonderful grandmother that was up in arms with her grand-daughter as she wasn't buried in the correct underwear!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

A lot of clients require guidance and / or clarity in a situation, which is most often to do with their love or working life. I see my role as that of a problem solver and provide them with empathy, honesty and reassurance as well as an ability to offer spiritual insight. I hope to offer clients a new way of viewing their problems and reigniting their awareness of their virtues that will allow them to accumulate strength, clarity, poise, and a new vision of the issue. On occasion it may be that the client merely needs to know that their loved ones are safe and are no longer suffering, and simply providing them with old memories and evidence of a connection as well as clues that are significant to the client is enough to uplift their spirits and offer them peace. Having the ability to tune into spirit can bring extreme comfort to someone that is feeling alone and lost. Having been a carer for a number of years I have an ability to communicate with those who are distressed and helping them get to the root of their problems is extremely rewarding. This knowledge is also helpful when working with people who are stuck in their lives or are unable to see a way forward. Giving someone a little encouragement and a small amount of self-worth can make a mountain of difference in a person's life. I believe that I differentiate from other readers as I have learned empathy from past struggles, learned compassion through caring for others struggling to cope with mental illness, as well as learning that resilience and emotional resistance can overcome all problems. Hopefully weaving these virtues into a reading can help give the client the answers they are looking for.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

All I ask is that you relax and have an open mind to allow me to give you the best insight and guidance that I possibly can!! I also like to ask from the start what kind of reading you would like and what you would like me to focus on. There is normally an answer that you are seeking and I find it best to get straight to the point rather than to divert away and focus on general topics unless you ask otherwise.

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A very calming and relaxing positive reading. Thank you for your advice about not giving up on this guy, he is worth waiting for. I am looking forward to your predictions coming true. Your a lovely lady, so understanding and easy to ralk to and you don't sugar coat or give false information. Your here to help with our problems Thank you so much. Will contact you with update x

Pleasure to leave the first feedback from this lady, she is lovely, and certainly got a gift. Thank you for your time and guidance. recommend to others, do not worry about this lady being new, she is worth choosing to speak to. Thank you very much. knowing im going to find a spiritual this day and age is a blessing. Dad helping from above L&L Lynn x