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Psychic Clairvoyant, Tarot, Angel and Oracle card reader. Rune stones. Crystal Ball scrying. Crystal Pendulum dowsing for in-depth readings.

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Sue Jones pin 4300

Psychic Clairvoyant, Tarot, Angel and Oracle card reader. Rune stones. Crystal Ball scrying. Crystal Pendulum dowsing for in-depth readings.

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I have been seeing, hearing and feeling spirit since I was 13 years old. Before long I was picking up psychic things and seeing spirit for family and friends…This is a Family gift. (My Mother said I was talking to “imaginary” friends from being an infant) My Grandmother had this gift and my son has also inherited the gift, showing signs from the early age of 3. By my late teens I’d moved on to using tarot cards and even playing cards, then to Crystal Ball scrying, Crystal Pendulum dowsing and Rune stones. This all grew into an enjoyable hobby and then it became a part time occupation. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and animal lover with all the life experience and skills that these titles bring… My sensitive and understanding nature has made my psychic gift beneficial to many over the years.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Helping many people with their lives now and over many years, has been and still is very rewarding for me. By word of mouth this has grown with many returning and new clients. I count my blessings every day for my gift because I enjoy what I do.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

My star sign is Aries and I am typically a Fire sign. “Passionate, tenacious and loyal, with a can-do attitude to life”.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I became aware of my gift around the age of 13 years old, though my mother said she was aware of it from my early years. When I started to see, hear and feel spirit around me, I didn't understand it and was a little afraid. My Grandmother who was also a psychic helped me to understand and channel my gift.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable readings are consulting and reading for total sceptics. One in particular being a non-believing work colleague who has now become a total believer and regular client.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

The life skills and philosophies of being a wife, mother and grandmother make me sympathetic and understanding with just about anything life can throw at people. I'm a member of the Spiritual Working Association and I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner and spiritual healer.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Have an open mind, relax and communicate with the reader allowing the link of communication between the two of you. Enjoy the experience!

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Spoke to sue today as I have many choices at the moment and felt very unsure of my way forward. She really helped me get on track, showed me how the scariest choice is going to a lot easier than I think. Validations in my personal life too. I phoned up for guidance and I certainly feel really positive now and know I’m heading in right direction Will definitely call sue again

Sue was so relaxing she's never rushed me she listened and she picked up on things. I felt relax and had a new in sight into life and my goals. Thanks Sue

Sue is an amazing reader! She brought my husband in spirit through and gave lots of validations no one else could have known! She is the real deal! Thanks so much again!!!

Thanks for all your insight and help today.

Amazing reading! Sue picked up on my situation straight away. 100% accurate and one of my best readings! Sue was that accurate I found myself in disbelief but she knew everything. Wow! Thanks Sue. Becky

Sue is so calming .. thank you so much .. I'm a reader myself ... sue clarified things and gave me new info on my life .. wonderful lady with a loving soul love and light to you sue xxx

Sue helped me today In ways I can’t describe ... Validations were correct etc I still cannot find the correct words to describe the way the reading was executed and how I received kind of help (and desperately needed today ) I would highly recommend Sue her spiritual gift is so strong and her words are empowering Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Rena Xx

Hi Sue i spoke to about my work issue and i have to go in go the 14th which has changed to the 16th now just to let you know. Thanks soo much for my reading it was amazing and i will keep you posted

20 June 2020 - asked for a general reading with this lady and she was spot on with everything. Did not have to tell her , she told me. I love when a reader can do that. Knew I was a reader too and loved her manner, could have listened to her all day. Thank you so much for all the validations, the guidance and your experience, from a fellow reader on the site. x

Sue was accurate and helpful. In April 2020 I rang in despair over unfair treatment by family people.. In June 2020 I was able to call again to let Sue know that the first hurdle has been overcome. She's first prediction came to pass and this means I can physically move house now. Now the second part of the journey begins and I am looking forward to the next chapter.