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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Angel Readings



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Spiritual Blessings Friends. My name is Sylvie and I am a psychic clairvoyant who is blessed with a spectrum of spiritual gifts. Each one unique, yet, woven finely, spliced into the next. I understand spiritual truths and use my plethora of celestial guides as a conduit to spirit. Following my heart hasn't been an easy path, especially when you're swimming against the tide of what is considered the norm. However, over the decades, I've been drawn to many workshops and events with amazing earth guides who have aided my psychic world. I am a Master Tarotist combining Astrology and Numerology with nature's symbolism. I call upon Archangels for the most inspirational spiritual readings imaginable. Chinese Astrology, I Ching, and Chakra Aura readings are other passionate strings to my bow and I often blend several decks together for heavenly inspiration and healing from spirit. Seeking sustenance from life's deeper well has oftentimes proven a lonely road but I acknowledge why my soul chose to incarnate in this lifetime on a 777 spiritual pathway and how privileged I am to be able to shine a light for others who also feel compelled to discover the alchemy in their souls. We all have a life path to follow, a blueprint that we are born with. This unique code is woven in our names and stamped upon us at our precise time and date of birth. It embodies so much of our identity in symbolic ways and offers us life lessons so that our soul can evolve and ascend - and if you're reading this, your angels have a message for you. Perhaps you've sensed their guidance already? Omens of serendipity may have been placed in your path: Dragonflies, a feather in an unexpected place, a sudden burst of scent, flickering lights, repeating numbers, unusual dreams, musical messages, just some of the heavenly signs confirming that you're on the right path and are protected as you step out into the unknown. We are all children of the universe hitchhiking through time and space and as your mind ponders my profile perhaps a synchronistic sign will leap off the page and resonate deeply with you - if so, and you feel drawn to my spiritual light, then it will be a blessing and a privilege to read for you.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Shapeshifting, weaving my gift for the greater good. Life isn't a one-way spiritual street. No two souls' journeys are the same or are more deserving of the joy I experience when I show someone how to tap into their own sacred power. To enable clients to move forward with renewed faith and hope in their hearts feels good and there's nothing more rewarding than looking into someone's future and seeing that the lifestyle they are currently seeking is actually in stock. Ladybird, wish fulfilled! Looking through the windows into someone's life is a bit like beachcombing - you just need to know what rock pools to peer into to help them discover their own personal fulfilment and happiness. A client's needs are as vastly diverse as symbolic Sea Turtles swimming in Mother Earth's oceans, and akin to the myriad of esoteric spreads that I choose from when I read for clients. Everyone is unique and deserving of compassionate, non-judgemental impartiality. The young father struggling to feed his family, who's tempted to dance with the devil into a life of crime, is as worthy of sage tarot wisdom as the consummate professional who's seeking a new path after finding himself designated to the career scrapheap in later years. When the grim reaper looms large and a girl is hit by a car and killed whilst walking home from school, thus ripping her parents' hearts out in the process, how does one quantify their grief? After all, grief is love with nowhere to go and it's a dark awakening when life forces us to drink from its karmic well. An elderly woman mourning her soulmate needs spiritual succour and ministration as much as the lonely spinster grieving the loss of her beloved little cat or faithful wee dog. To touch someone's life; to help them heal and understand the hidden patterns at play within their life; unlocking and ending their karmic cycles; to truly energise and uplift someone's spirit; to inspire young and old alike to reach their full potential and be the best that they can be: all are sacred blessings and what I enjoy most about reading for clients. Now, more than ever, the coronavirus pandemic has taught us the need for community spirit and the sacred thread woven through all of Psychic Sofa's coven of gifted readers is that we all sing from the same hymn sheet - we are all happiest when we are helping and guiding others.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Since time immemorial humans have worshipped the stars and I find Astrology a fascinating subject. I am Cancer the crab - a cardinal sign - the moon is my ruling planet. Astrologers concur that Cancer is the most intuitively psychic sign of the zodiac and I attest to sharing many typical traits of my fellow crabby brigade. Cancerians are known to have a nurturing nature, which resonates deeply with me. Children and animals colour my life and the kettle is always on. I am caring, compassionate, considerate, and make a steadfast loyal friend, standing sentinel in tumultuous times. Cancerians are known for their will power and tenacity courses through my veins. Moreover, I never give up when life throws down the gauntlet. I have a sense of community spirit and I can always be relied upon when it's beach cleaning Saturday. It genuinely makes my heart sing when altruistically I help others but, above all else, I cherish my family. Cancerian's mood swings are influenced by the moon and we are magnetically drawn to water, hence, my home is overlooking the ocean in mystical Cornwall. Akin to others I too relish the sun's energy and the magnificence of crashing waves during the day, but, as a Moon Goddess, the real magic for me is weaved during the witching hours under the light of the moon. Wisdom comes quietly during this luminous light show when I harness the moon's powerful cycles to meditate, energize, and nourish my spirit. However, I also recognize the muse, mystic, and philosopher within but I believe that these innate traits are due more to being governed by Numerology and Chinese Astrology, having been born in the year of the auspicious Chinese Dragon. I share an abundance of striking similarities with other dragons and with the kindred souls who find themselves walking seven's spiritual life path. Princess Diana, born on the 1st of July 1961, was one of the most famous Cancerian moon maidens and the embodiment of feminine energy. Her personal Numerology chart is extremely revealing but if we were to go through the looking glass into Princess Diana's Astrological natal chart we discover she was born in the year of the Chinese Ox (1961) and, coincidentally, she died in the year of the Chinese Ox (1997). If we dig deeper we find that there was a Leo/Aquarius axis underscored in her birth horoscope. The moon is a symbol for feminity, Leo a symbol for royalty, and Princess Diana symbolizes female royalty. But how were the planets positioned at her time of death? The horoscope for August 31st, 1997 (12:25 A.M. CET; Paris, France) showed that Diana's ruling planet - the moon - was waning crescent (diminishing & destruction) and positioned in Leo during that fatal moment in the Parisian tunnel, forming a polarity with planets in Aquarius. Reiterating, she was in her calendrical Chinese Oxen cycle. Destiny called as the planets aligned overhead for it was written in the stars that the People's Princess would die that fateful night. When reading for clients I garner my wealth of esoteric knowledge to help them further enhance their lives by gaining valuable insight into their own calendrical cycles and numerical life paths.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Tasseography was my initiation into the world of divination: I grew up peering into my nana's teacup. It was exciting to see what patterns the tea leaves formed and, although very young, I clearly remember seeing my first dog in the tea leaves. Soon afterward my parents bought a Yorkshire Terrier called Tracy, and I simply knew that I had seen Tracy before. I always paid special attention to the handle of the teacup (the home) to see what would be happening in my family, or if there were any hearts or letters bringing news in the post from far away relatives, especially when it was my birthday! It gradually dawned on me that I could intuit life in my nana's teacup yet my older siblings simply saw only tea leaves. However, it was through the dream state that my family recognised my psychic abilities as my dreams became increasingly prophetic. Although too young to understand the terminology of The Higher Self, it was at this point that I became spiritually conscious and aware of my premonitions. Looking back armed with the wisdom of Numerology, I understand why it wasn't coincidental that I was seven years old at the time. The term hypnagogia comes from the Greek words for sleep and guide suggesting the period of being led into slumber. I advocate that my clients and students keep a dream diary because it's a wonderful way to connect with our spirit guides. Lucid dreaming is ripe for gaining fresh insight into one's problems and anxieties. No other card epitomizes this more so than The Nine of Swords in the Minor Arcana. Not only does it tap into our deepest fears it also reminds us to pay attention to our dreams. Whilst lucid dreaming we find ourselves borderland and aware that we are dreaming in the midst of the dream. Oftentimes, these dreams will be intense, awakening painful memories that need cleansing. Thankfully, joy and woe are woven fine, and although there may be pain and sorrow when the cosmic-cleaner sweeps through our lives, rest assured we will receive spiritual guidance and discover the answers to our prayers. When we deal with the past that haunts our dreams we begin to understand how this sleeping key can open the door to fulfilling the hopes and wishes that we've secretly tucked to the back of our hearts. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali called hypnagogia "the slumber with a key," and he used it as creative inspiration for many of his imaginative paintings. I have successfully guided countless clients out of their slumberings and into the light by helping them to harness the power of their own innate gifts, which I believe everyone possesses in varying degrees. Hence, keeping a dream diary is a vital first step when seeking to expand one's psychic development.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

We're all conversant with the omenology of the magpie rhyme: One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told. My most memorable experience concerned just that, an unethical secret which someone would have preferred never to be told. It was July 2000 when a young woman came for a tarot reading, life had dealt her a devastating blow. She found herself embroiled in a medical negligence case involving the tragic and untimely death of her newborn baby. I'll never forget the swooping swallows in her Tarot spread - they were alive. When I told her I intuited swallow wings uplifting her she broke down and sobbed her heart out. Swallow birds held a deeply personal significance for her. Alas, it was clear to me she would be touching the hole in her heart forevermore: mothers never forget their children in spirit. Although tiny, swallows are an incredibly powerful spirit animal and reassuring omens of serendipity. They stand for death and rebirth and are a sign that the adversity and pain you are facing will be overcome. I couldn't help but take this grieving mother to heart. It was clear from the outset that she (and I too) would be in for the long haul. Accurately, I predicted that the trust would settle out of court but not without the midwife denying culpability first, which sadly caused further unnecessary suffering and spiritual anguish for my client. We all make mistakes but it's what we choose to do spiritually afterward that does count. It became somewhat of a David and Goliath scenario but when it's written in the ancient laws of spiritual justice, there's nowhere to hide. It was clear that my client would reap victory for her baby son, not just here on earth but in the spiritual plane as well. It was this synchronistic meeting that rekindled my passion for symbolism and desire to discover more about mother nature's omenology. We are all familiar with the proverb "Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near" and many of us will know the corresponding coloured meanings of feathers. White - faith and protection. Pink - unconditional love from our Guardian Angel. Blue - communication, listening. Red - courage. Yellow - smile and make time to have fun. Green - prosperity, growth, good luck. Purple feathers represent spirituality, prompting us to connect to our higher selves. Black feathers, although often associated with death, symbolize protection by the angels that are guarding us, thus repelling negative energy, and so forth. The sacred symbology of birds as winged messengers of the Gods is widely accepted. The dove is known as a bird of prophecy, love, and peace. Its appearance often indicates that we're leaving the past behind, moving between cycles and that new doors will be opening for us very soon. The Hawk's universal symbolism is that of messengers sent for guardianship and to encourage us into new ventures. If we know how to interpret the meanings of individual species, birds can provide insightful omens to upcoming, life-changing events, as oftentimes they channel spiritual messages and the answers we're seeking. As a rule of thumb, it's important to keep track of the time of day if we want to finely tune the messages when divining the future. A hawk high in a tree waiting for a rabbit to pass by in the morning will differ from the one that visits us in the evening bearing information. However, a hawk's presence confirms we're on the right path and urges us on whenever our soul must follow through, regardless of the pain or oppression involved. I love having this added dimension when reading for my clients. After all, not everyone understands the ancient symbology attached to The Seven of Swords in the Tarot but we can all relate to its corresponding ill-omen when a solitary magpie crosses our path, especially when it's flying downwards and away to the left.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a Master Tarotist but my roots are in scientific education I believe in strength through knowledge. The workings of the mind with all its complexities offer fascinating insights into human nature and, although the world holds many mysteries for all of us, I see beneath the veil and draw upon several decades of learning, teaching, and life experience. I've travelled extensively and in my early twenties I spent two years living in a spiritual retreat in Israel - the Holy Land. Synchronicity was at play and it was here that I discovered the ancient spiritual framework - the intimate relationship between the 22 cards of the Tarot's Major Arcana and the Qabbalah, the Tree of Life. I've certainly lived a full and interesting life and am blessed to continue doing so, having raised my family in Cornwall, which is my spiritual home. I drink from the deeper well and draw on the Cabalistic doctrines daily. I understand I am a living reality in continuous movement. The Tree reflects all of my possibilities and the various choices I might make, akin to the Tarot's Fool stepping out in the unknown as he makes his pictorial journey back to God - the source of creation. Since moving to South West England over twenty years ago I've been creating my own spiritual masterpiece by returning my gratitude to the universe through this satori life I live. I devote a proportion of my professional time raising charitable funds for sensory resources for autistic children, a subject dear to my heart and I'm passionate about The Soi Dog Charity as well. Covid-19 has disrupted most people's lives, myself included, but when I'm not reading for clients at my home, I'm guiding others traveling along esoteric roads in my summer workshops. I teach a spectrum of subjects including, Chakra, Colour Therapy Healing, Angel Readings, and Aura Energy, including releasing Energy Strands. And, of course, no esoteric umbrella would be complete without Dream Analysis - a time-old divination tool. Iatromathematics, although not a popular subject, remains a fascinating branch of learning for the serious scholar of the occult. Chinese Astrology, The I Ching, and Tasseography are passions of mine, but I consider Astrology and Numerology as essential core-subjects for those wishing to decipher the wisdom of the Tarot. It has been said the Tarot cards contain the secrets of the universe and only through the discovery of our own hidden depths can we begin to explore our Higher Spiritual Self and then learn these secrets. Over the years students have repeatedly asked me the same question: what makes a great Taroist? Gnothi seauton - Know thyself, I reply.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I believe one should consider their mindfulness and what they wish to achieve from their reading. Some clients prefer to go blind and request a general reading, which is fine, but if you want clarity for practical earthly problems, or, conversely, are in need of spiritual guidance, it's beneficial to mentally prepare by writing down any specific questions in advance. That way you can be sure that all of your questions are answered. Being open-minded and leaving scepticism outside the door helps too. Oftentimes, clients are feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed by their lives and desperately want to know what the future holds. Moreover, some are especially fearful of whether everything will turn out well and have specific questions concerning the time frame involved. Remember, in life, there is always activity beneath the surface, with unseen synchronistic events waiting to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. That's why sometimes a soothsayer channelling messages from spirit might not always be understood, yet invariably within a short space of time everything slots into place. Satori - the bigger picture is revealed and makes perfect sense. We have three eyes, two to look with, one to see, and meditation is one of the most valuable tools for accessing claircognizance and a simple way to open yourself up for a psychic reading. Relax, whilst quietly focusing on your breathing, especially the rise and fall of your chest. Close your eyes and use your third eye to visualize the flame of a pure white candle. If you wish to use an actual candle to help you connect to your inner knowing, better still. Smoke is a sacred conduit connecting us to loved ones and our spirit guides. Simply light a candle and whilst concentrating on the flickering flame 'invite your spirit guide' to join you for the upcoming reading, or call upon Archangel Raziel - the angel of intuition - and Archangel Barachiel to assist you with your psychic development. Above all trust your own intuitive perceptions and whatever you sense is right for you. A few minutes of quietly focused preparation can give rise to the most memorably accurate and powerful psychic readings imaginable. Good Luck!


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From the bottom of my heart I would love to thank you for the most accurate, caring and deep reading you gave me today. You are a very special soul and you do carry a well deserved gift. Your passion to truly help using your abilities came through very strongly too and was very heartwarming to experience. So once again, thank You very much, P

Absolutely amazing...answered all my questions. She was able to give me peace of mind about a few issues which I had been worrying about. This is a lady to go to again if you need help!

This lady is a credit to the service. Provided one of the best value for money reading I have had. Excellent knowledge covering a wide range of topics. I called with specific questions which were answered. Very welcoming and very easy to talk to. I will be calling for another reading in the future hopefully but in the meantime thank you very much. Lorraine ????????

27/2/2021. Had a lovely reading from this lovely lady today and extended the reading as didn't want it to end. She has given me some positive things to look forward to in the future. Thank you x

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15.1.21 Sylvie 777 was discovered today by intuition. In great need ..with Covid lockdown on top of years of battling. Extraordinary .. You are using a range of tools but communicate with your own voice.. compassion , depth of insight . A marvel. I will try to get to you again .. if this wretched ‘fastest finger first frustration ‘ doesn’t overcome me. !? Thank you S for your depth!! Cornwall link . ????