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Psychic reader, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Oracle Angel cards reader

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Psychic reader, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Oracle Angel cards reader



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I'm a natural born psychic and empath with clairsentient and claircognizant abilities. I've had this gift for as long as I could remember. Since I was a child I could feel and see things beyond the 5 human senses. I didn't embrace this gift during my earlier years as I didn't understand it nor did I have the necessary support around me to cultivate and nourish it. As I grew older and more experienced, I began realising how powerful my ability is, I then embraced the fact that it isn't an ordinary gift and is intended for a higher and greater purpose. Not long after that I began giving professional readings.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I treasure most about giving readings is being able to help the client obtain clarity in the midst of confusion by delivering honest messages received from spirit.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a leo I would say I'm a creative being, I am driven and inspired by the arts. I speak what's on my mind, I don't give mixed messages, I'm rather direct in my approach.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was aware I had something unique when I was a young child, at the time I perceived it as "strange". It took me a long time to articulate what it was, to embrace and utilize it.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience was when I picked up psychicly that the person a client was dating hadn't been faithful. It was a shock to her during the reading and she wasn't sure if I had picked up on the right thing, especially because out of all the readers she had consulted I was the only one to sense that. Fast forward two months later she returned for a second reading and said to me that everything I had told her during the previous reading about the guy was accurate. She did find out that he was seeing other people behind her back. She sounded so grateful and I was mutually grateful to have been able to be a vessel of light to her.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

In addition to being a psychic reader I have a professional diploma in counselling therapy, and I'm a certified intuitive life coach.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading is to be open to receive the unadulterated truths that come through. It's important to prepare by being relaxed and allowing the energies to flow.

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Hello Sonia, Hope your well. Last time we spoke another great reading you gave me. So thank you so much once again.Will you be able to come online tomorrow evening 19th Jan 7pm? Need a chat? Thank you so much I appreciate you very much K

Hi Sonia, Hope your well.. Ive not seen you online in the evening..Is it possible if you can come online today or tomorrow? Ive missed speaking to you over the weekend Many thanks K

Wow unbelievable, Sonia you did it again. Another mind blowing reading! Everything Sonia said to a T was spot on. To the point with no hesitation the reading just flowed. Sonia is such a kind warm hearted, honest individual. You truly are gifted. May god bless you always. Speak soon Sonia. K P.s will only contact you from now on for a reading on this site

Wow wow wow Im just putting it out there. Ive had so many reading so many... But this reading was mind blowing. Wow! Everything Sonia said was 100/accurate i kept topping up. Im lost for words. Call Sonia you’ll be shocked! Thank you Sonia just came off the call to you. Love light K P.s Never did a review never... but this was one i had to do for you Sonia. Speak very soon ??

thank you. excellent.x

This reader was eerily spot on and gave me more information than anyone I have had a reading with. She gave me insight into a difficult situation as well some timelines and good news around a situation. I pray it all works out. I tried to call back just to say thank you so much and i hope it wasnt too heavy a reading for you given the topics we covered. Love and light xx

Spot on when describing specific details about my partner, me and my situation. She gave me lots of validations and positive outcomes. I didn’t have to tell her much or ask many questions, she just instantly picked up on what’s going on. her answers were very detailed. I felt instantly better after talking to Sonia. Highly recommend a reading with her! She’s is amazing.

Sonia was great, she gave very detailed answers. I didn’t have to ask much, she just gave me a lot of Information and she was very spot on. I felt so much better after talking to Sonia. I will definitely call again. The best reading I had. Thank You Sonia.

Again Sonia you are incredible as a reader. You actually picked up what was bothering me, even though my call was about another topic. Amazing lady. Thank you. Much love, Allison xx

One word - Amazing xx