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I am a white witch from a long generation of gifted people. I work with mother nature and the energies she provides, this enables me to find the guidance and answers you seek. Although I may be a witch, I am a friendly one, with no warts or pet frogs (well not at the moment); I live alongside nature and try to give back more than I take. There are more unanswered questions regarding the unseen world than answered, but instead of searching for scientific answers why not embrace the mysteries and enjoy the mystical benefits it offers. Allow me to show you a pathway to enlightenment and I may even let you ride my broom!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

To show someone the gifts that are around them on a daily basis and to know their lives receive the benefits, is the sense of fulfilment everyone seeks from their career. Being positive brings positive results, so to teach someone to do this although it may sound a simple thing to do, in reality it means to change someone's mindset and this is hard, yet worthwhile. Apart from the enjoyment of talking people and hopefully creating new friendships, it is the ability to help/ assist/ provide an understanding of their lives that what I like the best. Every caller is an individual with a unique problem and I treat each person as such.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am an Aries! A typical Aries! I am a fire sign and so I am VERY passionate about every project I undertake, and that means every call I take. I am extremely competitive and strive to be the BEST at every thing I do, so I am always searching for more knowledge which is to the benefit of each caller. I am energetic, outgoing, friendly, and always the first to take action. I am honest and truthful so will NOT tell a caller anything I do not see, but will provide a honest answer to their question. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have been aware and around the supernatural/ spiritual world all my life as my family have strong links with it, and so it has always been a strong part of my 'normal' life.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There isn't one particular moment, there are quite a few. One example is to to help a female maintain and improve her mental strength after an horrific accident that left her bedridden. Although the work was done by her herself I maintained her self belief and after weekly readings and channelling positive energy she is now living a normal life and mobilizing fully. I have helped a mother and son restructure their lives, separately, guiding the mother to find love, happiness, and her perfect job; her son to rid himself of negativity and negotiate personal issues that prevented him from regular employment. These two are now friends that call for regular guidance.

The funniest things I have been asked are, where could this person buy a dog that would win a Crufts! Who would win the Champions League! Finally do I actually fly on a broomstick!! Yes and in all seriousness too.     

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have had a life full of personal experiences that provide me with more understanding and sympathy for people with tragic loss and/or struggling with personal circumstances. I am also qualified in the areas of rehabilitation, health and exercise, nutrition, alternative medicine, adult learning and supported living, working with young people with behaviour and learning difficulties; and working with those with mental health issues.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

That they have free will and that just because they are told something may or may not happen, it is NOT set in stone. Should the person be told that at 1pm on a Friday they will get hit by a bus (and this is not something i would ever say), then simply walk down that road at 2pm!

You are simply given a possible outcome of events if nothing is changed.

Man was created with free will therefore you have the ability to alter, changed, improve your circumstances yourself. I will give you a helping hand, you will make the choice!

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Love this beautiful lady always put my mind at rest and has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life, she predicted my house move my job and things with my daughter and other things that were going on. Xx

It's always a pleasure speaking to you Soleil, the beautifully delivered insights into what is going on have really cleared my mind and made me feel more positive about things ... as someone said below a real joy to talk to, happy I finally got through XxX

I spoke with Soleil last week, and I have to say she was accurate on both the work and love front. She picked on an existing work connection where I'd applied for a job, and said I'd be getting communication with a job offer. She was slightly out with time (it was mid this week instead of end of last week/start of this week), but she was correct - I got the job! Also picked up on another opportunity coming in which has happened this week as she said. Thanks Soleil, I'll wait and see how things turn out with love and call you back!

Fantastic reader, picked up on a lot. Have a reading with Soleil you will not be disappointed xxx

Soleil - You have been an absolute blessing.... I have been trying to get a hold of you for weeks and then I get you twice in the same day.... You have given me hope where I had totally lost all hope or inclination to carry on.... I am so glad I called you, you were worth the wait, I could have spoken to you all day long.... Bless you and your guides... I will keep you posted .... Once again a BIG thank you xx M

She’s real psychic oh absolutely a medium I can recommend to anyone that believe in spirit she’s very very good try her thanks again Dina x

BUSY for a reason FANTASTIC WOW SHE IS GOOD. well worth the wait as waited a long time. will return for anoher reading when possible to get hold of. what she said was simply SUPERB!!!!! thanks j

What an amazing lady, lots of validations, a joy to talk to, thank you so much..xoxo

Thank you for another amazing reading, you were straight in there with validations and it had been a while since we last spoke.sorry we got cut off but thank you.looking forward to 2018 and a much happier and positive year.loved hearing from mr g too.n x

I had to leave this as the last reading I had with Soleil, she kept congratulating me....anyway I waited for the news and it seemed negative, however a week later I was contacted again with a far better offer from something I thought was dead in the water. Just as Soleil predicted. Soleil has a gift and is spot on with her readings and no wonder she is so hard to get hold of. Thanks Soleil 21/12/2017