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Medium, Angel cards, Reiki healing,

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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and hello. I work as a medium, and link with you on a voice vibration. It was about 16 years ago I started reading for friends and became aware of my ability. It was then I met a practicing medium in the spiritualist church who encouraged me to explore my abilities, and to use the gift I have been given. Since then I have been reading professionally, sharing the messages spirit wish us to have to enrich our lives.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Every reading is a very personal experience, for whom you are reading for. I love to be able to pass on the information I am given, to help the client. Those in Spirt want the best for us and our loved ones who have passed over don’t want to see us unhappy and struggle. Their messages give comfort so I always ensure that I read in a caring and empathetic way, passing on the information so the client has the confidence to move forward with their situation with the best possible outcome. If you have brought clarity and sunshine to a client and empowered to move forward then that is a job well done.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Aries, and passionate about the work I do. Being honest and caring, I want the very best outcome for every client. I hope my natural confidence gives empowerment to those I read for, to have the courage to take the next steps they need, to progress.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

We all have psychic abilities when we are born, and it was as a child I had an awareness that I was not on my own. I must have been about 5 years old, and my father wanting some extra work, was thinking about a job, moving the bodies form a cemetery to another location, because our local council wanted the land to build on. I became very upset and told my dad it was wrong to move the graves, as those who had died were at rest, and their spirits were very angry at being moved. Thankfully my dad listened and never took the job.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

One lady I read for was having problems with her son. He was married with 2 little girls, and lived some 50 miles away. She had never had a Christmas with her son and his family, since he had married, and his eldest daughter was born on Christmas day. Although he had promised every year, he would spend Christmas with her, he let her down, at the last moment and ending up spending the time with his in laws instead, as it was what his wife wanted. I explained to her, that her daughter in law was insecure, and feared that my client would interfere in her life. I advised my client to speak to her daughter in law, and put those fears to rest. Which she did, and my client spent the whole Christmas week with her son and family.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a qualified counsellor, with many years’ experience, particularly in the areas of relationships, careers, and addictions. I have studied both mental health, and to complement these qualifications, have studied alternative therapies including Reiki, crystals.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Every reading is a snapshot of a potential outcome. We all have free will to alter our path at any time. The most important thing for any client, is to have the best understanding of their current situation, and be able to move forward in the possible way, with the most positive outcome.

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Dear Sarah, just to let you know that although I kept doubting that my estranged husband would come forward after so long a couple of hours later after your reading he suddenly dropped by with weedkiller that he'd been promising me for ages - love a romantic gesture. Couldn't stop as car and trailer parked in middle of the road but said he'd come back again properly for chat. Coincidence?Watch this space..... Tina (lady with MC cat) 10/08/21

Sarah is an amazing reader. She is just so lovely and puts you at ease straight away with her calm manner. Ive had quite a few readings with her now and ive always found her to be very clear honest and accurate. She had predicted contact with the person i had been asking about which seemed very unlikely at the time but sure enough he messaged straight after our call. !! Sarah thankyou so much for your constant reassurance in such crazy uncertain times.

Had a beautiful enlightened reading with the lovely Sarah. Thank you so much you are truly gifted xx

Sarah gave me a very lovely reading to help my confidence/anxiety She said I would hear contact and I did within 5 mins of talking to her!!! Wow I will def be back to update Thankyou xxxx

Thank you so much for your reading today 19/04/21. Sarah the only word I can use is excellent, you picked up on my situation straight away, once again thank you, please anyone reading this give Sarah a ring, very calm and very reassuring xx

Thank you for your reading on 30/3/21 and for the clarification over the person that we were talking about. I am very grateful for you confirming the other thing regarding what i was told to be untrue and how to deal with that situation, i will be back very soon. Thank you Sara A x

Sarah is amazing the best straight forward reader on here i spoke to her 5 times already and some predictions happened already this lady is lovely and a genuine reader bless you sarah xx

Thank you so much for your reading this morning 15/2/21 ,regarding 'the personage ' you were so spot on with everything you said. And picked him up correctly i will be back to update you very soon Sara A.

Sarah is a lovely reader. I phoned up at one of the lowest moments in my life. I was looking for a new career direction and she told me I would hear about a job and interview. I just couldn't see it coming true and a few days later I got invited for the interview and succeeded to the next round. She picks up on situations so quickly and gives sound messages from her spirit guides that truly resonated with me. Thank you Sarah!

Wonderful healing reading. If I could have topped up I would have done. Thank you Sarah L you really helped me xx