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Angel Cards, Angel Tarot, Spiritual Guidance/Intuition



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I’m River and I'm a natural intuitive. My mother’s family are of Romany Descent so Clairvoyance and Psychic ability runs through my lineage. My father’s side of the family are also highly tuned on a spiritual level.  Most of my family are psychic to different degrees, some practicing some not, but the majority of us have the gift of depth and insight.

I very much work at an intuitive level and I have a mixed skill set depending on the work I am doing, who I'm working with and to what capacity.  I use cards, crystals, sound and different 'Clairs' such as Claircognizance which simply means 'Clear Knowing'. I work in the way best suited to my guides and the guides of my clients.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

To read for others is both an honour and a huge responsibility. I'm incredibly humbled by spirit, to be on this path is something that always astounds me even after all these years.

There are many blessings to my work and one of my favourite parts of reading for clients has always been inspiring people to see their worth. Uplifting people is an amazing aspect of working psychically, showing people they are loved and understood is the real gift and it's what I'm here for.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am definitely in sync with my star sign!  Scorpio is a water sign and very much linked to the emotions. I am a highly sensitive soul, empathetic, sentimental and reflective. Scorpios are known too for their passionate and fiery natures and I resonate with both, but we are also widely misunderstood, for the typical loyal Scorpio will not usually sting unless first feeling deeply wounded.  As for turning on ourselves, this is an ongoing lesson for most scorpions.... myself included, for I am my own worst critic! 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My first psychic experience happened in childhood, yet still I wouldn't say I was 'aware' as such at that time. Fast forward a few years and things were becoming more apparent, but they were far from sinking or rather ' syncing ' in. It all began in dream form for me, prophetic dreams would come and go with some intensity and due to the content I was somewhat terrified and confused by them. They were mostly about people passing over, not only my own relatives but the relatives of neighbours or family friends. I understand such dreams now to be a nudge from spirit to prepare for news that may be difficult for myself or those close to me and I still have these dreams today.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

One memorable experience was a lady who'd been privately worrying that her son in spirit wouldn't know where to find her since she had bought a new home after his passing. The night before a life guidance reading with her I dreamt of a young male showing me around his mother’s new home, the decorating, the contents of her dresser and he gave his love and blessing for her fresh start. The reading was later than expected due to circumstances but really, he had orchestrated the whole thing so it fell on an important anniversary. Although it was never meant to be a mediumship reading her son fully grasped the opportunity to make contact.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

In life I have had many blessings and many losses. I've a vast amount of life experience under my belt which definitely has much to do with my path and my methods of reading. I use varied styles, love the familiar and love learning new ways to be of service. I believe we are all learning and teaching simultaneously, everybody and all walks of life. I am predominantly an Energy Healer, trained in different modalities such as Spiritual healing, Reiki (both people and animals) Emo Trance Practitioner (EFT) and I'm also a qualified Death Doula whereby I work with various spiritual practices, Healing, Sound Therapy.  I ultimately want everyone to realise that Love is the only Truth and everything else is, well 'just everything else 💚

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

There are many important aspects to consider when deciding to have a psychic reading. Readers have different expertise and paths.  I for instance am a psychic but I don't work heavily with predictions. I am an Indigo/a Lightworker, meaning I am on a unique path of teaching love, spiritual truth and how to enhance your life in order to find your true purpose, or at least your joy, so your purpose can find its way... If you are looking for answers, are you ready to make changes in order to honour them?

What is important to consider when choosing any type of reading is to go into it with an open heart and an open mind so as to truly reap the benefits of your reader’s particular skill in sharing guidance. Readers should always be compassionate and sincere and leave you feeling inspired and ready to face any positives and challenges on your own unique and beautiful journey. Fate is changeable and YOU are ultimately the creator of your life 



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Great reading clear and honest and very in depth thankyou river Simon

Had a reading with River this morning 15/07/18. She helped me so much regarding the area I was phoning about. She made me feel at ease and is so friendly and not judgy at all no matter what. I shall report back regarding outcome as that will not pass until later in the year. Thank you for everything today.

This lady is amazing. What insight to the human soul she has.. And truly intune with spirit. Thank you so much. Really helped me to walk forward in the light.

Highly spiritual, extremely accurate and absolutely awesome!!!

Wow! What's an excellent reader no nonsense, not judge mental. She connect really quickly flowing with information's . She very calm and very easy to talk to definitely the really deal . Thank you 😊 River definitely I will call her back . 04/01/18

River is a fantastic reader!! She gets to the heart of the issue... she’s very gifted and Direct which I liked. She has a lovely friendly manor and I know that she is going to be very much in demand on psychic sofa.. highly recommend.

Amongst the most spiritual of readers here. Thanks for the reading of 180202. You surpassed my expectations, thank you. Love n light. Ni