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tarot and oracle cards, psychic clairvoyant, pendulum



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I'm a third generation psychic clairvoyant and I have been practising clairvoyancy from as far back as I can remember. Often information naturally comes to me through what I can see, feel and hear. I have been practising professionally for a few years now. You'll find me to be a very bubbly character who is very positive and uplifting.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My ability to take only a few seconds to link into people with my high degree of intuition through voice vibrations. I love being able to be genuine and deliver messages being direct and to the point. Being accurate with validations during in-depth readings helps me open up to the heart of each matter and giving clear instructions from my guides on how to manifest and develop a situation for a favourable outcome is what my readings stride towards.

How are you typical of your star sign?

When intuition kicks in, I stand my ground. I rule my own life and I believe my success has a lot to do with my free spirited star sign.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

My first memories of sitting to meditate with other spirits when I was about 3.  They have looked after me all my life and we laugh together and love each other like family.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have always been incredibly empathic and in addition to this I have been practicing reiki since I was a child without even realising it. When I was in my late 20's I discovered it was a skill and not everyone was able to carry it out.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Honesty, direct and problem solving.

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Great! Thank you :) M

I had a reading with Pindi a while ago but forgot to leave feedback. She is accurate & on point. Very good & amazing psychic with a true gift. I will be back soon xxx

my first reading with Pindi was 6 months ago, I remember being wowed at the clarity Pindi gives and the validations were so fast and true, I wrote down the predictions and guidance given by Pindi and I am absolutely blowm away at how true and exact her pridictions have unfolded. I never thought I'd see changes in my partner like Pindi pridicted. Ive had another reading with again some validations and predictions which I have full faith in. I highly recommend Pindi, you will be amazed - shes genuinely from the heart ❤️, amazing reader who gets into it straightaway - no tools needed. I will be back. Lots of love A x x x

Thank u so much for the reading today it was uplifting as always..u gave me great insight & great guidance - fantastic..will let u no in the next few wks if any new developments so watch this space..sati love & light my angel

7th feb got thru 2 pindikaur 4427 this morning and decided 2 have a long reading so purchased enuf mins...she's phenomonel I love talking 2 pindikaur she validates and her insight/guidance is amazing...she was spot on regarding my situation with A & P...I was happy after r chat & she basically confirmed my thoughts my feelings & how I'm dealing with my situation..i felt in my heart that how I'm dealing with a situation I'm doing d right thing...the rest tym will tell....thank u so so much pindikaur I will b in touch again that's 4 sure ur gift & u personally are Amazing god bless u love & light sati xxxxxx p.s I pray I get my wish xxxxx

10star excellent reader so much information really a struggle to remember. so advice - pen and paper

I have had many reading with Pindikaur last year and was lucky to get hold of her last night. She is just woooooooooow with readings. She will not sugarcoat things, she tells you what the reality of the situation is and not what you want to hear. Sometimes things are a bit bitter but she delivers them in an appropriate way. Her predictions never change. There is guidance and a lot of validations. You just can't go wrong with having a truthful reading with her.Thank you

Hi all, just wanted to leave some feedback for this wonderful lady. My first reading with Pindikaur and she was amazing.. Very intuitive and the information just flowed with ease. Along with being gifted I found her very easy to talk to. Blessings to you

9th jan 2015 this lady is phenomonel she's definitely in my top list of wow wow she picked up on my other half & told me abt his ways,his behaviour,his feelings I was blown away...I truly trust pindikaur with wat she tells me & I no her validations,guidance is excellent bcoz d connection is there...when a reader/client connect d information flows & more cums 2 light...thank u my angel UR a credit/asset 2 psychic sofa...pindikaur also told me abt my work life which I had concerns abt I hp what she's told me is correct this space my angel I will let u no the nxt saga regarding A (hard work at d mo) hopefully things will cum 2gether as u have & light

31st dec 2014 WOW pindikaur 4427 I've had many readings on psychic sofa with many readers & I no who I truly connect with..but 2day I came across sum1 new pindikaur being Asian myself & cuming across a reader with a Asian name I thought I wud give pindikaur a at first I got 20mins in 20mins this lady was phenomonel..I asked her 2 look @ my relationship with A omg she told me 2 a tee what he was like his desires etc I was blown away..not only did she tell me wat my other readers have told me but it was like she was reading my thoughts that only d higher beings now... I was impressed...this lady was worth every penny if not more.. After 20mins I had 2 extend my reading no doubt abt that..on par with d top psychics she's guna b hard 2 get hold of d best 1s always & light b in touch happy new year my lovely. S xxxx