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I've always been interested in all things mystical as my family have travelled a lot and had an interest. When I got to my 30's I had started studying Wicca and studied the Tarot as part of an advanced Wicca course. I really connected to it and decided to do a just Tarot course which I really enjoyed. I feel the Angel cards always give an accurate reading and always look back and think they have got to the heart of the matter. They are also gentle and kind and supportive. I started to give readings on Facebook then was invited to join a spiritual healing group where we read photos. I was amazed how accurate some of the readings were and what a strong connection I had.  

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like it when the pieces fall into place, and you can suddenly see what it is you need to do and why things have been happening. I love it when I have a good reading, the person really feels attuned to the cards and everything flows well. It's a very personal connection, readers often share very special and personal parts of the lives of their clients which is an honour. It's nice to give a really accurate reading, and provide some comfort and relief to people.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very caring, generous to a fault and very friendly. I am not really fussy, I like things relaxed and easy going. I have worked in caring professions so that's quite true to Virgos. I am quite earthy and grounded, not really critical although I do like a sarcastic comment or two!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Well I've always finished sentences for people I know, I've generally been spot on about my gut feelings towards people, although I haven't always trusted those feelings to my cost. I can often tell when things are going to happen in advance and I've regularly had dreams where things are happening in the future. It's only several years later when I'm in that situation that I remember having the dream.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I did do a reading which was very accurate and the lady was very moved as it was exactly what was on her mind.  The reading showed her that her gut feelings were right, and that she was doing the right thing. She was moved to tears and I wasn't far off!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I study many things to do with the psychic realm, as well as meditate, do crafts and keep a strong connection to the Earth. I'm a certified Angel Oracle Card Reader. I use them daily, and have a strong connection with them. I have also completed a psychic counsellor course recently.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

That they won't always hear what they want to hear and that sometimes this can be painful. I think the universe has something planned for us all, so that sometimes not getting the thing we think we want the most can lead to us getting something we actually need more, that is better for us.  Sometimes we already know the answer and call a psychic to try and convince ourselves that our fears are not reality. A good psychic reader will guide gently and with friendship, joy and support. A good reading can be a message, it can be guidance, it can stop us worrying and bring us joy, sometimes it can give us a moment of insight into what we really want and need and how to get there.

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Mystica. Thank you for you positive insight about the situation I am in. I am looking forward to new things. In 3- 4 months is my birthday and I'm going to Harry Potter World! It is my 30th this year so it's a big one. Blessed be I will be calling you again in the future.

Mystica is a lovely reader. Very warm and easy to talk to. Straight to the point and honest. Highly recommend this lovely lady. Thank you Mystica.

Amazing reading ! Knew the situation without questions ! Will come back to you once the prediction manifests !!

Reading given 01.08.21 Amazing Reading by Mystica. She was clear, positive and a warm and friendly reader. Straight and to the point.

I had really good reading with Mystica. She helped me calm down from my worries. She was very real, empathetic and compassionate. She helped see a family issue in a different light and deal with it in a less confrontational manner. I will follow her advice And not deal with my family in a more calm manner.

It was so great to talk to you Mystica! You tuned into my situation immediately! a great reader, who saw my life very accurately. Thanks so much! I could talk to you again and again.. sorry we got cut off like that. I feel much more at peace with my year ahead. Wonderful!

Amazing reading got my situation straightaway and spot on will def be back feel a lot more positive

Hi Mystica, I have had a few readings with you of late. You are a lovely soul, truthful and compassionate. I am happy to say my surprise arrived today in the form of the man himself. You said contact was coming and with it a surprise. We are better together than apart and I have no fear your other predictions won’t manifest. Literally spot on every time. Thank you for always being kind and gentle. Highly, highly recommend reader. The best on here without a doubt. Love AM x

Omg. I’m shocked. This lady is incredible

Just got on with it. Picked up as if we were talking before but never had spoken and hit the nail on the head on more than one occasion. Was feeling down, but with this reading - am feeling great - thanks