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Hello, I'm Michaela.  I have worked as a Clairvoyant and Medium for over 15 years now and enjoy it still - immensely!  Although psychic as a child and aware of spiritual activity in my home, it wasn't until I was in my late thirties that I really began developing and working. I began with meditation and spiritual development, and later worked as a Clairvoyant by intuitively reading cards - rather than strict Tarot.  These practices gave me confidence to working with my mediumship on platform in centres and churches for a few years. 

I now work mostly with one-to-one readings as I prefer the privacy and more in depth help that these can give.  I work with both Spirit and reading cards together, and  I have always had a love of Crystals and Essential Oils and will therefore work with these also in readings! I have a passion for all Mother Earth's gifts - and enjoy learning how to use crystals, essential oils, herbs and nature essences as well as other natural therapies.  I love being in nature, whether by the sea, or in woods; I love learning about other cultures and faiths - and just  love learning new things in general!

I love laughter – it really is the best medicine, as well as hugs, empathy and compassion.  My readings are usually very down-to-earth, but given with empathy and sometimes a sense of humour!  I would always hope that people go away from my readings and/or 'sitting with Spirit' feeling a sense of relief, a lifting of their own Spirit, acceptance of what is past, help for their present situation, hope for the future - and a knowledge that they are never truly alone.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love working with Spirit, and I love working with people! Life isn't always easy - it can be heartbreaking for some at times.  No-one ever promised us this journey would be a bed of roses, but sometimes a few less boulders on the path would be nice! To be able to bring comfort to a person suffering the loss of a loved one, or to let a person know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and therefore feel of value, of service, is without doubt a truly heart-warming and humbling experience - every time. I've always felt that whatever work one does in helping others, it's very much a two-way exchange - both can receive much from the experience.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Sagittarius people are meant to be quite free spirited, awkward when being told what to do (and not asked!), and very sociable.  Good teachers/communicators, not lovers of housework (preferring to be living life than worrying about what to cook for dinner!)  and even a bit untidy!  I will admit to everything above, except the bit about being untidy - I'll plead the 5th Amendment on that one!

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I remember being about eight or nine and being aware of spiritual activity in my home - my mother always treated it as quite normal that my grandmother was often around, particularly when we needed help or to warn us of something - usually by something flying off the wall or the sideboard! I also remember just 'knowing' certain things and not thinking it was anything unusual until I got to senior school and the workplace, whereupon I naturally just closed down in the face of others' judgement and scorn and didn't explore this world until my late thirties.  In fact, I never believed I was psychic or capable of seeing 'Spirit' until I became more consciously aware of it all again and began exploring it again because it was something that was just normal!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

This one is easy!  I remember early on when working Platform one evening, four girls in their late teens came into the Centre for their first ever evening of clairvoyance . One girl in particular looked so unhappy, so angry that I worried about approaching her!  Sure enough, I was guided to do just that - but was guided to ask to speak to her privately at the end. When we did so, I learned that tragically - ostracised from her family - the only person she loved and trusted - her husband - had died suddenly in front of her recently.  Spirit, as always, gave her the one message to bring her the most comfort. 

This young couple had each one half of a necklace and she had placed his in his coffin.  When she heard this she hardly stopped to hear much else! To see her then walk out arm-in-arm with her friends, in tears but smiling, and her heart lifted a little is still the best experience I have had ten years on!  I think of her often still, and wish I had had the chance to tell her that she had in fact, helped me also - because I had considered giving up platform before that evening! 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Throughout my working life I have mostly been in 'support' roles.  I have worked in I.T. support, retail, care work and as an holistic therapist.  I have learned patience (bit tricky in I.T. as people are usually stressed to the hilt by the time they call for help!), a sense of humour (very important!), and most of all - empathy.  Working in support of one kind or another teaches you that we all have our crosses to bear, we all are walking the same journey - maybe taking different routes but we all end up in the same place!  My own life's experiences also, have taught me to at least try not to judge, to try not to compare my life to others, and trust in the Universe (also a little tricky at times!).  I believe that although these qualities can - on occasions be a challenge to live by, they are very helpful when reading for others because at the very least, I can understand and empathise some part of what they are going through.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Simply, to consider (do they really need a reading and why), to be open (to receive whatever message is being given), and then to leave it! (that is, not worry about the how and when!). We are not always given what we want to hear, but what we need to bring us the most comfort and help.  Ultimately, Spirit and the Universe just wish for us happiness, love, and as peaceful a passage through our life's journey as possible - given that we all will face life's challenges of course.  Whilst I believe we all have a destiny - within this we do have the greatest gift of all - that of free will and things will happen in the best way, and the right time, when we are not dwelling on things, and when we least expect it - and that's always the best part of the messages - when they come as a surprise!

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Hello Michaela , What times are you online ? Loved to have a reading from you again xxx

April 16. Loved my reading with Michaela, insightful and warm and an excellent medium. I would phone her back in a heartbeat and can highly recommend.

Thank you for the reading this afternoon- it was a bit difficult as we had a bad phone connection but you gave me some nice predictions regarding my love life, which I hope transpire, Right at the end, you gave me a name, which is his middle name, so fingers crossed this validates the predictions. Lovely Lady- thank you

Big love... You gave me a gift x

i had a lovely reading last week with Michaela, she is spot on and accurate

Exactly a year ago I had a reading with this lovely lady. Reading through my notes I can confirm her month by month synopsis of future events has unfolded. I will never forget the comfort I got from receiving a name of a lady in spirit I had met the day before. Sadly the day before a lady had died on me at work and in 18 years as cabin crew, I had never ever experienced something so traumatic. I had been praying for signs that the lady was at Peace and her name came through during the reading. I was also advised to buy myself a new bikini, this made me laugh as I was sat wearing my favourite one throughout the reading and the clasp broke just prior to being told this. Today's reading was very uplifting and I have a very bright year ahead to look forward to. Very accurate reader. Tells you straight but comes out with believable (good and challenging) predictions. Looking forward to the year of romance I have waiting. Great descriptions of people around me to that are spot on. Thank you xxxx

I had a reading from Michaela which was very insightful and highlighted several issues which I needed to pay attention to. She has a very reassuring manner and gives very clear guidance. I mostly certainly would recommend her!

Before I had my reading I had so many unanswered questions. I had loss in understanding and in my self esteem. Michaela has helped helped me to understand the questions that I have. She has given me back my sense of understanding of my past and present, and look forward to my future. She also has helped me find my inner strength. l am glad I have had the honour of having a reading with this lovely lady with such a lovely gift.

I had a reading with Miichaela a while back, which brought me peace of mind and reassurance. So far everything she predicted has come true. It was also great hearing from my nan, who has passed. It was so good knowing that she is always around. I would highly recommend booking a reading as I will definitely be coming back to book another with her, soon.

Thank you, Micheala, your reading has given me some really good guidance over the past couple of weeks. I'm so glad I called. Will defiantly call you again.