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Tarot Reader - Angel Cards - Runes - Animal Readings - Psychic Clairvoyant - Healer - Spiritual Guidance - Law of Attraction

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Tarot Reader - Angel Cards - Runes - Animal Readings - Psychic Clairvoyant - Healer - Spiritual Guidance - Law of Attraction



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Hi my name is Kelli, I use the tarot and my psychic intuition to help you cut a clear path to where you want to be on any given subject. I am open minded non-judgemental and have every confidence that you already have the answers you are searching for but sometimes we all need a help in hand and a little reassurance. When things are tough and we lose our way for whatever reason, because let’s face it life is like that sometimes reaching out for help is the smart thing to do. I look forward to helping you map out your next steps to success. J

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love the feeling of alignment and connection I experience when giving readings to clients.

I’ve used Tarot since I was around 12 years old and I find them to be a most useful guidance system. They help us shine a light on where we are versus where we want to be. I love the opportunity of helping others to get clear about what they truly want to experience and how to help them achieve it. I believe anything is possible and the future is not set. We are the architects of our future; we hold the power to create what we want but sometimes our negative emotions block us from seeing the path light up, the one that will take us where we want to go. I love helping people clear away the debris of past trauma and negative experiences so they can learn to trust themselves and get on with doing with what we all came here to do. Have fun!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I’m born under the sign of Virgo but would have to say I am not typical of my sun sign...  

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From my earliest memories as a child I had unseen friends...They have always been there. I have always seen people and in particular animals and other worldly creatures but they never frightened me I just thought it was normal and everyone else had the same experience

When I discovered that was not the case I began to hide my abilities. As I got older I started to read about all things metaphysical and the Law of Attraction so began to see how I could use my psychic abilities in a very practical way.

I have a huge affinity with nature and animals, horses in particular. I grew up with them and was left on my own with them a lot from a very young age. They were my babysitters in many ways and my greatest teachers. I was also able to communicate with them in very particular ways and receive messages from them about all sorts of things. My main spirit guide is a horse who passed over many years ago now but has always been with me and continues to work with me everyday

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had many memorable experiences with clients but one in particular springs to mind. A lady who came to me about 18 months ago distraught over a relationship break-up and shattered dreams about starting a new life overseas. I read for her and was able to help her see beyond the difficulties she was currently experiencing. The cards clearly indicated that her desired outcome was still possible but she needed to make some changes within herself first in order to allow it to happen. After a few months she reconciled with her partner, I told her that she would in fact marry this man and move to the country she wanted to go to with him. There were several bumps in the road and at times it looked like it wasn’t going to happen but she held the course learned to believe in herself and this year she landed a dream job moved overseas with her partner and they are now engaged to be married. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have an enormous amount of life experience good and bad. I worked in finance for many years until ill health forced me to evaluate what kind of work suited me. I believe that “you don’t get grounded in life by sailing through it” I have learned to utilise negative experiences to help me gain clarity on how to get more of what I want in life and less of what I don’t want. I endured a particularly difficult childhood and I understand the frustration of repetitive failure and what it takes to overcome it.

I am a certified hypnotherapist advanced EFT practitioner and Reiki practitioner I also qualified in Vortex healing and Acupuncture. I use guided meditation and utilize the principles of Law of Attraction in my everyday life. I am continuously learning about how to have fun in everything I do and help other people to come out of their dark places of negative emotion and experiences so they can learn to craft the life of their dreams. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I always advise people to be open minded and to allow yourself to consider that anything is possible, to always bear in mind that even when things seem hopeless there is always a way forward and most importantly to have patience and be kind to yourself. Prior to a reading I would ask that you to take some deep breaths and try to focus on the issue from the perspective of allowing a solution to be presented. 


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Had an amazing reading with Kelli. She was absolutely spot on about a certain guy in my life and about my current situation. Her insight was remarkable and she’s also an excellent coach on top of being a psychic. The advice she gave was so what I needed to hear. Thank you! I will be back for another reading!!

Kelli was so easy to talk to and got a connection very quickly and gave validations which were spot on. Kelli doesnt waste time and the information just flowed. She looked and described 2 men in question to a tee. I will definately be returning for another reading and highly recommend kelli to anyone. She covered alot of information and ot was in depth. Thanks Kelli. G

Thank you so much Kelli for your positive, helpful and to the point reading tonight. Please give this lady a call. I appreciate the non sugar coating reading. All the best.

Thank-you for a good solid reading, No waffle, just clear psychic information. I felt very much better at the end of it. Thanks again. John.

Found Kelli to be a non judgemental and empathic reader, gave a good reading and picked up on things correctly also, thank you.

Absolutely great reader, spot on with current situation and people I enquired about.

Sorry Kelli, PS could not process my credit card details for some reason and we got cut off. I am really sorry, I don't know what happened. Thank you for everything you've told me so far! I will be back to you as soon as I can for further guidance. Eniko

09/08/17 - thank you and appreciate your help and guidance in this. Need to be positive. Brilliant reading and someone who puts you at ease.

so easy to talk to and the information just flows, very clear and to the point and full of useful ideas to uplift and direct your en energy. Thank you was lovely to speak to you x