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Tarot, Qualified Life Coach, Spiritual Guidance, Numerology

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Tarot, Qualified Life Coach, Spiritual Guidance, Numerology



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Hello, thanks for visiting my profile. With 30 years of Tarot reading experience, I’ve covered a lot of ground. As a qualified Life Coach I can offer guidance and advice on difficult life choices, and having been through the Twin Flame fire I can relate to this aspect also.

Events took a most unexpected turn in 1997 when teachers from another dimension drove me to research quantum mechanics, leading to my realisation that the quantum field interacts with people in ways that can help us live life more proficiently. These teachers delivered reliable information on which Quantumology (published 2014) was based, a book documenting proven results from programmes I’ve delivered to health organisations, companies and community groups with amazing success stories.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

When someone wants a Tarot reading, it's a quest for them to uncover the origins of their experiences and catch a glimpse of what may come. I love providing the information they need to help them focus in going forward, and knowing that what they have gained from a reading goes beyond their expectations as is so often the case.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Mainly Pisces, I am creative and a bit other-worldly in my approach to life. Open-minded and thoughtful in relation to others, trust and reliability are important to me. Born on the cusp with Aquarius, I also tend to be analytical and a seeker of logic, which is a nice balance to have!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From a very young age, when experiences of seeing and sensing presences became the foundation for a belief system based on spirituality. I had no time for organised religions - they all vowed to be "the one and only" and I knew instinctively that many variations of faith were based on very similar concepts. When first introduced to Tarot, I was fascinated, and it wasn't long before the evidence of its effectiveness became apparent.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Being able to give someone information that will change their life is a very big thing. One client returned to me after a few sessions and told me, in tears, that he no longer walked into an argument with his wife every day, he had learned how to channel his own emotions differently and manifest a completely different result.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm able to appreciate people's individual characters and provide a platform from which to move forward. Underlying factors revealed by the cards will reliably point in the right direction, so a reading often illuminates the first steps to be accomplished in making progress. My own guides taught me the tenets of numerology so that can be helpful too, as is an understanding of how the Universe works with quantum mechanics (i.e. those laws of physics that affect us all!). I have myself experienced the Twin Flame phenomenon and written extensively on the subject - I know how that dynamo can turn worlds upside down and will be able to constructively relate. I’ve worked with MIND, SSAFA and the NHS delivering personal management programmes, giving me the skills and experience to help with fields of difficulty requiring guidance and support beyond the cards. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Being in touch with the spirit world involves a lot of trust, and the people who work with me rely on that trust. Tarot can be predictive, but only in the context of the present moment, and it's important to stress that circumstances change, we change with them, and any foreseen outcome is a guide, not a certainty. The most useful thing about a Tarot reading is the strength of focus it can give you, and its tendency to reveal aspects of a situation you might not have considered before. You will discover the positive aspects of difficult situations and be able to see beyond a problem towards an outcome worth aiming for!

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Clear guidance and good advice from a lovely, wise, friendly reader. I left feeling better and clearer about my way ahead.

Hi Kathy. Thank you so much for a great reading this morning. I had a job interview due in a couple of hours' time. I feel calmer about it all. I will leave you an updated testimonial later, but just wanted to say that you're doing a fabulous job and I highly recommend you xx love and light, Bernadetre

One word FABULOUS ... intelligent, gifted ... and completely accurate, I’m blown away tonight.. Thank you Kathy a real asset to th. site, settled me down ... I will keep you posted in my journey ... Lesley x

Kathy gave me a wonderful and insightful reading delivered in such a beautiful way. Described my current emotions, the path I'm on and where it looks like it is heading. A warm, enthusiastic, bubbly and highly skilled . I'm so glad I called her. Thank you so much Kathy. Emma x

I had a fab first reading with Kathy. A very clear and and easy to understand. I sometimes find with tarot readers, through no fault of their own, that I dont always follow what they are telling me. With Kathy, it was easy and straightforward. Thank you, I'll be in touch again. Best wishes, Bernadette

Excellent reading this morning, 7th july 2020, with kathy. Thank you, Bernadette

It was excellent reading with Kathy. She brought me from my past to the future outcome bits by bits. Then she used pendulum for my YES / NO questions. Really lovely Lady. I felt like I know her for years. Thank you Kathy????

I have just had quite an in depth tarot reading with Kathy. She is absolutely brilliant! She is just amazingly accurate when reading her cards. My reading was informative and straight to the point. Kathy is a kind and friendly lady. Amazing and I highly recommend her. I shall be back Kathy. Thank you. Michelle

Great reading! No card shuffling she just trusts the universe and a very accurate reader!! Will def call back again. Thank You Kathy!

Just had a delightful reading with Kathy. She tuned into my situation right away and gave a clear reading. She has a warm and engaging manner it is obvious that she loves her work. It is also obvious that she really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.