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Psychic, Tarot cards, Angel cards, Clairsentient, Intermittent Clairvoyance, Cartomancy and Pendulum

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Jasmine Anne pin 4778

Psychic, Tarot cards, Angel cards, Clairsentient, Intermittent Clairvoyance, Cartomancy and Pendulum

Jasmine Anne


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Hello My name is Jasmine Anne. I am a psychic tarot card reader and I also use the Angel and playing cards. I am born clairsentient so I feel energy and whilst reading the cards do get intermittent clairvoyance messages (clear vision). I have been psychic since a teenager and I have had psychic dreams all my life. I learnt the tarot and playing cards at the age of 14 and began reading them for friends and family. Over the last 8 years I have been a professional reader and worked with many clients. I am also a complementary therapist and trainee counsellor. I offer a warm and sincere reading whilst remaining confidential and none judgmental.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I aim to give a genuine reading and feel good when the right messages come through when needed to help the client on their present path. I am born with psychic gifts and I am clairsentient from birth. After a reading I can sometimes feel strong emotions and I like to bring inspiration or to help a client to move forward, bringing joy and/or hope after a reading. I also enjoy feedback I get from clients when they tell me that I am right, which motivates me. I seek to improve my psychic ability and I regularly do meditation. I feel this helps me to stay confident and brings out the clairvoyant skills I have been developing. I am a member of my local spiritualist church and attend open circles which bring out my psychic abilities and developing clairvoyance skills. I am a good listener and like that I help people in their time of need or at a crossroad. My clairsentient abilities sometimes give me such strong emotions I can actually cry or laugh with the intensity of the emotions I pick up from clients, I feel this encourages me to pass the right messages on and helps me stay in tune with the client.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Yes I am a Scorpio and I am a very deep, loyal and intuitive person. I tend to either love or loathe something, there is no in between. I am passionate about caring for people and animals and have a warm personality. I tend to protect people I have in my life and have deep emotions for them. I am also secretive and confidential; I have always listened to friends and family member’s problems and issues, so much so I have done a Level 3 counselling course and believe I have good communication skills that are akin to Scorpio nature in caring for those around me.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was first aware of my gift as a teenager; I have always had psychic dreams and often dreamed of events that have happened from an early age. I remember once waking up late from a dream, as a teenager, not wanting to go to school, I actually felt sick at the thought of going in and could not remove the feeling. I could not understand why, yet went to school as normal. It was a very bad snowy day and the bus did not turn up so I walked in. On arriving at the school I found out it was that bad of a day the school had closed so I had to walk home cold and wet in deep snow. Since then I have never ignored my instincts and feelings. Most of my life I use my gut instincts and I can instantly pick up on the atmosphere in a room, sense tension or other emotions of people and naturally born with clairsentient abilities. I can tell if a house is haunted. I pick up on buildings, can feel the energies in the room and people that have lived there in the past..As a teenager I learnt the tarot and playing cards, reading to friends and family. Since my early 20's I attended my local spiritual church and had many readings myself yet it wasn't until my 30's that I started to develop my abilities and became a healer in Reiki 1 and 2. I became in tune with people's emotions on a much stronger level, able to pick up on people's energy level and voice. I then attended open development circles and awareness classes at my local spiritual church to focus my energies and give readings for people and began to develop clairvoyance abilities. In my 40's I started giving readings to friends, even though I had always read the tarot I learnt the tarot further, took tarot card workshops classes and used my psychic abilities to pick up on what was happening. I was amazed at the feedback I was given and it quickly expanded to wider audience of people were I provided psychic readings to groups of people. In the last 8 years I have read more extensively and professionally and I regularly meditate to improve my readings. I am now in my 50's and I am a trainee counsellor which has helped my listening skills whilst giving genuine, warm and sincere readings.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I was reading for a friend who came to me in tears she had been having arguments and problems with her daughter who was unsettled in life and mixing with 'troubled' friends. She was being very disruptive and leading a turbulent life. My client was really concerned and tearful. In the reading I told her that things would change and she would settle down given time, and find a new direction in life, meet new friends and a new man who would put her back on track. My client didn't believe me and said no you are wrong, she was adamant that she would go astray and things wouldn't turn out as I said. Six months later she came to me and told me her daughter had a new job, her life was grounded, had new friends and she had met the most amazing man. She has since been a regular client and her sceptic view has now changed of psychics. She could not stop crying at the change in her daughters behavior that she said you were 100% right.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been psychic all my life, recognizing my clairsentient skills from a teenager. I have strong gut instincts and born clairsentient. I have developed through meditation and attending the spiritualist church, clairvoyance messages whilst reading the tarot or playing cards. I am a complementary therapist and Reiki healer and I have a level 3 diploma in counselling skills and currently a trainee counsellor. I have good listening skills. I have an interest in astrology and used to read birth charts. I can use the pendulum for yes/no questions or for further clarity. I read the tarot, angel and playing cards and use my psychic ability to tune into the client.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is important to go with the reader you feel drawn to and have a pen and paper to hand to jot things down through the reading. Remain calm and relaxed. It is also a good idea to think, before ringing, of your problem or issue you want answering. Bare in mind nothing is set in stone, so things and events can change, depending on freewill, we all have choices! Messages and readings are given as a guide to what CAN happen not what WILL happen. If there are any questions you feel have not been answered, feel free to ask at the end of the reading. Sit back and enjoy the reading!

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Wow!!! Just got off the phone from an absolutely outstanding reading with Jasmine Anne. Validations upon validations and I look forward to predictions. Absolutely fantastic reader.

Jasmine Anne is a very good and professional reader. She will not waste your time and she was spot on to assess my situation without me having to say anything. I am looking forward to her predictions. She will be soon very busy.

Quite honestly this woman is AMAZING!!! I hate to leave a good review cos I know she’ll be hard to get hold of.l like all the other top readers on this site. Everything she said was so wise and accurate. Give her a go you won’t be disappointed

Thank you so much for such an uplifting reading today. Just what I needed. You validated so much, really looking forward to the rest of the year unfolding. Amazing reader Jasmine x

thank you Jasmin, it was a pleasure to talk with you, you understanding of my situation was incredidle. And the way you reading just flowed and amazing 20m of non stop information and you are so gentle and kind thank you

Validation after validation…. So accurate, calm and respectful reading. Jasmine Anne was just what I needed during a time of cross roads and changes. Really straight to the point in a lovely way and beautiful advice… she saw things so clearly. One of the best readings I’ve ever had.

First reading. Picked up a lot of stuff. Exciting to find out what pays off. Thanks again - 6/2/22

Jasmine Anne is an amazing reader. She won't disappoint you. I asked initial question and information flowed and was spot on with my situation. I look forward to how her predictions transpire.

Jasmine Anne is an amazing reader had everything spot on with my situation, she only asked initial question of what I wanted to know. I look forward to how her predictions transpire. She's going to be very busy with psychic sofa. You won't be disappointed if you let her read for you x