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I read from voice vibrations



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I’m a natural 7th generation clairvoyant psychic with 47 years’ experience, highly intuitive, reading in-depth and insightfully from voice vibrations right into the mind of the person you seek guidance on. I’m also an advanced level trained remote viewer, remote influencer and life coach. If you prefer card readings I can use 'Secret Dakini Oracle' cards, though I don't need psychic tools to read. I tell it like it really is, so if you seek truth, be assured of this from me. I can answer specific questions or just tell you what I see, you get to choose which way you want it to be. My specialist area is love and relationships enhanced by my own unique system of Astrological love compatibility (Synastry). I’ve featured on TV and radio in the past and I’ve had the great honour of reading Royal and titled people. My work on psychic fairs saw me travelling the United Kingdom extensively as well as to Germany and USA where I also gave talks on a variety of topics. I am also an empath and healer. I teach people remote influencing over the phone which is hugely empowering and will enable you to manifest anything you desire in life.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My passion is sharing my wisdom and in empowering my clients to resolve life and love problems the easy way. I also like to enlighten my clients as to the underlying causes of problems they may be experiencing so that they have a better and deeper understanding of why they are in the situations in which they find themselves. My aim is to enlighten and uplift my clients and knowing I can do this is of immense importance to me, I like nothing better than to offer a accurate and in depth readings to clients the buzz for me comes from ensuring that all of my clients get the best possible reading ever!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Virgo in that nothing short of perfection is good enough, I also have a great attention to detail and I thrive on gaining knowledge and wisdom which I can share with others.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I am told that from the age of 3 I started spooking my parents by predicting things that always happened. I was adopted at birth and my adopted family found my psychic ability somewhat scary, but when I was 17 the law in the UK changed to allow adopted children to trace their birth families. I was one of the first adoptees to trace my birth family. After a 2 year search I finally met my birth family at the age of 19 and was happy to learn that they were all psychic like me and that I was a 7th generation psychic, and the 7th child of my parents, too!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Every client I read for provides a unique and memorable experience, I view every client I read for as being a member of my lovely, greatly valued worldwide family of clients. It is a great honour to read for all of my clients. I am also honoured to have read for Royal and titled people too. The buzz factor also comes from being told that my readings astonish people because of my notable accuracy and for my predictions coming true for clients. It is amazing to read for people from all over the world too.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am an advanced post graduate level classroom trained and certificated remote viewer and remote influencer (equivalent to PhD level). I am a lifetime member of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA). I worked the psychic fairs for 15 years which saw me working the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, Ft Lauderdale in the USA and Stuttgart in Germany. I have diplomas in Reflexology, Iridology, Auriculotherapy, Herbalism and professional Stress Consultancy, art, design, creative photography and Graphics. I am a published book author. I have been a director and co-director of 4 successful psychic companies as well as a reader and remote viewer and remote influencer with the said companies. I have worked as a volunteer Samaritan, drugs counsellor, adoption counsellor and general counsellor. I am also a qualified nurse. I do absent healing I teach remote influencing. I also teach people to read the Secret Dakini Oracle and Tantric Dakini Oracle.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I recommend that people have an open mind, a positive mindset and a receptive mind set when consulting a psychic. Every psychic works a different way, so having an open mind as opposed to a fixed one as to what to expect is helpful. Having readings with different readers can often lead to conflicting readings which only adds to confusion and so it is wise to find a good reader and stick to having readings from them, in order to maintain consistency. If you want to ask a psychic questions, write them down before you phone and ensure they are clear and precise questions. A good reader will tell you what you want to know, they won't ask you questions and they will have a high level of accuracy if they get a link with you. I don't use any form of psychic tool, I read from voice vibrations and so my readings are consistent, I find using cards is not a good thing because each time you shuffle the cards and lay them out you will get a different reading, reading purely from voice vibrations is far more consistent. I am not a spiritualist and I don't connect with spirit guides or any other entities in spirit. My ability is purely from reading naturally from voice vibrations. My remote viewing training has furthered my ability and made my readings far more accurate too. Remote viewing is known as your 7th sense. Psychics use their 6th sense, I have a highly developed 6th and 7th sense.

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As the Telegraph would state………”simply brilliant”.

Janey is such a clam and gifted reader. Gave realistic advice and was 100% spot on. Picked up on others around me and describe them to a T , build, looks, what they like doing, nature and so much more absolutely unbelievable. Janey knows it all and will be so busy on here. Thank you so much and for helping me understand . xx

Just had an amazing reading with Janey 4408 thank you so much She got my situation with ex spot on can't wait to see what happens in August and December. Also look forward to seeing what happens around a relationship we discussed. Please give this lady a call she is really good x

Wow!!! What a lovely reading last night Janey. Finally I have so many answers to questions I have had for years. I will most definitely come.back to you again and await predictions coming through. Thank you

Thank you so much for a wonderful hands-free reading Janey and for picking up on my POI straight away. Thank you for the advice. I have a feeling you will be very busy on these lines. xx

Had the most amazing reading with Janey. Picked up without any questionson my POI and described him 100%. Most definitely the real deal and I would highly recommend her and looking forward to updating on her predictions. Px