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Hey there beautiful souls. My name is Jackie O and I have been reading since I was 18. I initially discovered my spiritual gifts during a twin flame spiritual experience. Each to their own, my destiny saw me come face to face with my subconscious. Stripped back and laid bare, metaphorically speaking that is, my modern day situationship forced me to heal areas of me that I otherwise thought were dealt with or didn't know existed. Out of nowhere I was reintroduced to my childhood traumas, adolescent insecurities and so much more. Only difference was this was happening in my adult life. From abandonment to attachment and co-dependency issues, my life was a book I'm yet to write - in fact my life (our lives) continues to be a book of unwritten chapters. What I’m about to say is somewhat cliché but I'll say it anyway - my life has never been the same again. It was an intense spiritual-love-relationship that I wouldn't wish on someone, yet still wish on someone because of the person I have become. Weird, I know, but truth be told having a mirror reflected back at me in the form of a love connection was just what I needed. I've often asked myself, 'did I choose to endure that pain or was my life divinely orchestrated so I can help others in the same if not similar situation'. That question remains unanswered. With that being said, I connected and still connect with people from all walks in life, deeply. As a psychic clairvoyant medium, I bridge the gap or rather connect spirit with the living and do so intuitively. Not one to use tarot I connect with people's energy be it face to face or via video call. As we build rapport through general conversation I pick up on matters of the mind, body and soul more often than not their loved ones or spirit pay us a welcomed visit. I am sensitive and intuitive often seeing, feeling and hearing information coming through and with their permission I pass on a message. I connect the human conscious with the divine conscious. My work is however two fold as I am a coach specialising in love and relationship, life and career and will help you navigate through life’s issues and see them from a different perspective.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I enjoy most about giving readings is the ongoing friendships I have with my clients. What may have started off as a deep spiritual connection often unfolds to life long. It is as equally as enlightening for them to hear from me as it is to hear from them. My clients come from all walks of life some with similar yet different stories and experiences. Each reading is however different and I treat each client as such. I read and tailor my advice and guidance to each of them and their specific personal needs. It brings me great pleasure to pass on a message from a loved one be it a friend, family or otherwise. Given the opportunity I would do this in my sleep; helping someone on their personal journey, and knowing they can trust in me to help them through is touching. My aim is to leave my clients empowered with a new outlook on their circumstance.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Like many Pisces I am creative, and deeply intuitive. I feel things deeply, and have incredibly strong gut reactions. I have a sense for things through seeing, hearing, feeling and going deep within. I can often judge whether a person or situation is good or bad. That doesn't mean I ignore the logical part of my brain, though. I have a huge interest and respect for the power of the human mind, the nature of truth and the endless opportunities and possibilities given to us all. I am empathic and sensitive, and get along well in small groups of people. I have an active and creative imagination. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and solo. My moral compass, along with my gut instinct, guides me well. I am a gentle and humble person with a sense of humour and high energy. Wherever you are in life, a spiritual journey or otherwise I look forward to our call. My modern ways appeal to men and women alike regardless of age, race, religious beliefs or background. I am non-judgemental and fluid thinking. I encourage my clients to have an open mind to receive the much-needed advice, guidance and encouragement to identify their personal strengths and areas for development in those key areas of my life.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Going back to my childhood I recall my early psychic experiences as being visions, dreams or sleep paralysis. But for an inquisitive and curious child growing up and asking questions I knew there was more to that that meets the eye. It wasn't until I was in my mid 20s that Id experience a spiritually transformative experience and I was naturally guided to have trust, faith and belief that I was gifted more than most. During a romantic encounter I felt that I had also been seeking to achieve something deeper in life, a purpose, a meaning to life and its experiences. It wasn't about love and romance at all, although when a high-level connection like that comes your way, you can't help but think you've won the relationship jackpot. It was about me being introduced to my soul whilst my ego fought a good fight to stay in control. Like magic, I saw the world differently and not only in love and relationship but the world in its entirety and my life. From astral projection, colours and spirit animals behind my eye lids and the infamous angel numbers I see a wonderful world.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Id reached out to a social media contact randomly but not by coincidence. We'd started speaking and suddenly I caught a vision in my mind of spirit (later revealed to me as a family member) who had passed quite tragically. I got a sense that she was no longer with us as the vision projected back to me was a passport sized photo of the contacts family. I asked if she believed in spirit and if I could have her permission to pass on a message. Id relayed to her a message I was getting from spirit pointing out details only she and close relatives would know. She was amazed that I was able to pick on the case of events pertaining to the family members passing as well as details of her own personal circumstance (what she was going through and what is coming up for her). I was connecting with the contact from across the pond and had never communicated to her prior to this moment. She was over whelmed by the experience and we've been friends ever since. During our conversation Id picked up on events of the past, present and future. She later revealed to me that what Id informed her about concerning her personal life had unfolded just as I saw it. The comfort and reassurance was quite powerful. In these instances and others that have followed we are reminded that our loved ones are always and will always be by our side.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My work is twofold. Outside my natural intuitive gifts, I am life coach. Specialising in career as well as love and relationship I help you achieve your personal goals as well as unravel relationship woes. Often I’m approached when one’s personal circumstance seems somewhat unfocused. I guide you to see the strengths in your situation and acknowledge the truth. Far too often you need help navigating through your current reality, other times you want to know what the future holds. It is however the present reality that lends a hand into the future. You are the co-creator of your life so I will help you navigate through the present like a driving instructor so you can take the keys and drive freely forward. Other times, you may not know what is holding you back. Is it the underlying situation or your subconscious buried beneath? You could benefit from releasing the old for the new. It is my role to comfort and reassure you. I have gone through it, your neighbour too - we're all going through or gone through something we don't talk about and creating a safe space can help overcome some of lifes difficulties. When I tune in, I do so intuitively, I focus on the here and now. I listen to spirit and deliver reassurance. My professional expertise takes this to the next level. Remaining focused on the here and now, I listen to what you are saying, and help you help yourself. The tools, techniques and resources I offer are simple, building trust, listening and asking questions. I pay particular attention to your focus, mind-set, and energy. It’s part of my work to reunite you with your subconscious whilst you express or acknowledge your conscious. Feeling empowered, you are then able to navigate through your circumstance as your sought your own solutions to your initial enquiry. The benefits of choosing me as your reader is you'll be left with a sense of clarity. I will provide each and every one of you with a reading that leaves you feeling understood and uplifted. I look to empower you to look at your life, relationships and career from a different, yet positive perspective. I can inform you of how certain behaviour patterns could be helping, and some hindering, your chances of happiness and gaining everything you've ever dreamed of. I help provide closure from those no longer with us, channelling loved ones’ spirit and communicate through them, allowing both parties to finally move on. With that being said, I am not like other readers I like to help you not only connect with their loved ones but also develop themselves, break old habits, limiting beliefs and patterns (which they often don't know or understand). I take clients on a journey (if anyone knows about journeys I do) and allow them to reveal their true self. You will get the clarity and confirmation you need and not what you want. Sometimes that’s hard a pill to swallow because what we need isn’t always what we want but it’s what we need to navigate through the journey or 'Game of Life' as it were. I am confident that I can provide you with guidance, support to make those key decisions that impact your life. Mixing my intuitive strengths with personal experience and my professional background I will leave you reassured of their personal circumstance.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Care to have an open heart, mind, body and soul. It no longer matters, what make sense in society but what matters is what makes sense to you. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't. There is no right or wrong or single answer. The journey you are on is yours to own and yours for the taking. Fear not and make the most of it - the journey and the reading. My reading for you will make you expansive and there isn't one truth but multiple. You have access to abundance, possibilities and opportunities. You are drivers and co-creators. You are so much more, we are one, we are everything. Enjoy your reading.

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Had lovely reading with Jackie on 09/06/21. Very easy to talk with and felt uplifted. Jackie was able to connect with me and could validate my situation. Gave me brilliant advice in a warm and caring way. Thank you Jackie . God Bless You xxx

Genuine reader very accurate and incredibly helpful with guidance and insights. Picked up on situations and people around me. Very pleasant Lady and i felt uplifted and at peace after my reading .

She’s fantastic reader also she’s very attentive and. A good medium. Definitely going to phone her again

One of your predictions came In Jackie! The person you told me who would come into my life a few months back has even tho I didn’t believe it!! even down to what he looked like & he’s job!!! I’m stunned your amazing!! Truly gifted reader!! Thankyou so much beautiful lady!

Spoke to Jackie for the first and she was spot on and right the money. It was as though I'd known her for a long time. Personable, relatable and understandable. She saw everything as it was and advised, and predicted matters. I never expected to get more out of my reading in such a short space of time she gave me vital information that helped my life. Peace and love Jackie O

February 2021 this reader can see things.. and give great advice x

Lovely lady, uplifting, kind and genuine. D x

Amazing!!! I’m speechless, I almost don’t want to leave a review as know she will be hard to get in touch with. But she is amazing I have had a lot of reading on here, she is the best one yet!! No nonsense! Great specifics. Thank you! A true genuine psychic and lovely person.

She is such a lovely person, empowering and just the real deal! She is the best!

Thank you for your help. Jackie picked up on a job situation just as it was. A few days before my interview I called up about my pending job interview and to my surprise Jackie was able to prep me beyond her psychic gifts. Jackie forwarded me about the day and it happened exactly like that. What to say what not to say. The interview setup and the interviewers were exactly as she saw them. The universe guided me to the right reader that day. You are amazing Jackie Thanks again xx