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I am a psychic medium and spiritual counsellor. My grandpa was too and his father before him. I trusted my intuition and then spent many years helping others. I’ve worked all over the UK doing face to face readings helping clients overcome the challenges life gives us with family, work and life. I’ve helped many men and ladies work through many anxieties, confusions in relationships or just general life choices. A lot of the time just needing guidance, some spiritual connections and soul-searching honesty and energy change. Relationships and finding love are something I have been highly successful at and have focused very heavily on over the past 6 years, helping clients to realize what they want what they need and how to go and get it!!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Over the years what I have liked the most about giving readings to clients is without knowing someone I can help with my spiritual intuition to remove feelings of anguish or uncertainty in their work or relationships. Help them validate their inner most thoughts and feelings, or simply give solid work and career advice. Helping someone to really follow their own instincts, listening to the client and helping them to feel positive and supported in a question that’s going round and round their head, so they have clear “what to do next “after my reading. It’s an amazing feeling to help someone and to feel the emotional plane of that person change to pure joy. I like to help people make a tough decision and the right one for their happiness and give them the guidance and advice they really need to move forward.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Capricorn. Good at communicating, especially feelings. Creative and confident. Strong minded and independent and passionate in work and relationships. Very affectionate, love meeting new people and long-lasting relationships. A particularly good friend, not judgmental and a good listener very loyal. Love being in love. Very straight talking, Heart controls my head. Can be Soft and forgiving but never a push over!!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

At age 22 and on holiday. A woman swam up to me in a swimming pool, she said your grandpa who has passed, Stanley is behind you, it didn’t freak me out at all as I felt he had been coming to me at night for weeks, usually when I was in between consciousness or asleep, she even knew I was wearing his ring and I knew her name as he had told me this would happen. The woman knew and said he is my guide, and I must trust that he is there for me and listen to him trust my intuition and help people. So, I did! That’s when I first knew I had a gift.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have so many really amazing experiences but probably this lady that wasn’t sure if her boyfriend was cheating or just messing her around reminded me of myself. He was in love with her, and she was sabotaging her own relationship just as I had done when I was young. A guide came to me and told me to tell her to trust him he loves her, but she needs to stop being so hot headed. I remember her getting quite hot headed with me and he laughed and then we all did!! She didn’t know why he kept finishing the relationship and going off then coming back, he was totally insecure as she came from a wealthy family of strong alpha male men, he was more in touch with his feminine side. He thought he couldn’t make her happy but was just the way she wasn’t ever telling him how she really felt and being so paranoid. He had some major confidence issues holding him back and her hot headedness was damaging when he did try to talk. We discovered they were both not really talking to each other as they were scared to get hurt. When I received the update that they had talked and talked after our reading, and he proposed it made me cry with happiness for them both.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I did 3 years training in Alexander technique and worked with clients on meditation and breath to voice and spinal alignment. This helps to be truly in the moment, to be able to articulate your wants and needs assertively and not allow emotional energy to take over. After doing Alexander you are like a blank canvas ready and refreshed. 20 mins is like 3 hours sleep for the mind and body. I do this before my readings and find it helps me to focus remove unnecessary negative thoughts be my authentic self and work from a full energy … like a full battery every time for every client.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It’s important to be able to open up and be really honest about what they are feeling so I can help. Allow yourself to cry if you need to or laugh if you want to. Please consider I am not here to judge you only to listen and not give my opinion unless you ask for it.


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Thank you so much for your reading today 7/4/2022. Excellent reading and everything you said made sense. Gaby Lee you were excellent I cant thank you enough

I can confirm Gabby told me things about my bf that no one could have known. She is the real deal. I’ll definitely be calling again. Wow. I took notes for predictions as she was so on point. So happy I got through.

Brilliant reading. I am so uplifted. Please give her a chance you will not be disappointed 5 star reader.

Gabby’s intuition and insight is spot on. I felt so uplifted, calm and happy whilst talking to her. The experience has given me great validation and she made me feel confident and positive in the choices I was unsure of. My soul mate came forward!!!!

Gaby 4171... Amazing read. You are going to be very busy!. Picked up details no other readers have. Felt a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you. D.

Gaby is brilliant. Going to be a very busy lady on here. Up there with the best