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As with many people I have had an incredibly challenging life and yet I have come through. I've been homeless briefly, I was in an emotionally dysfunctional marriage, I lost a younger sister to breast cancer at the age of 38.  I've got two boys who have been through some incredibly trying times.....being set upon at gun and knife point, and two years ago having a petrol bomb put through our door. However, there was always a resolve and tenacity that kept me going. Many times I went without food, because I had two mouths to feed so I decided that I would fast that day. Other times I didn't have bus fare to get to a meeting, so I would walk because I made it part of my fitness routine. I have experienced near eviction twice from my flat. And yet throughout all of this and more, I have managed to hold onto my dreams and to run my own luxury lifestyle magazine - an empowerment magazine and I have had the privilege of meeting interesting pioneering old school legends such as Mary Wilson from The Supremes, Earth, Wind and Fire, Brian McFadden, Martha Reeves and many more.. Life isn't easy and I always tell people, find your "go to" place. Mine is exercise and dancing, as I learn to listen to my ancestors and spirit more, they guide me.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I most like the fact that a client can receive valuable and important information from a trusted source that often gives them a perspective that changes and transforms their lives. Information which gives them a clearer understanding of what they are experiencing, the root cause and then offering solutions and guidance on how to deal with the situation. To me this is so important because it is liberating offering clients the chance to walk in hope and into a place of freedom. Often clients are not even aware of those things that are keeping them stuck or stagnant so what a blessing it is when they can receive information to support them to make changes in their lives.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Yes I would say I am a typical Sagittarian. I speak my mind and love people and things to be upfront and honest. I need honesty and authenticity in my world. I seek freedom in everything I do and in my journey throughout life. I love to explore and go off on my own and am generally happy with my own company. I am very creative and am multi-talented. However, all these gifts are not in vain as I believe that with each gift, it's a way for me to inspire and reach out to show others that they too can find their own wonderful gifts inside and then to do something with them. I love being around animals, especially horses, dogs and then cats. I am very intuitive and empathic. I love to dance, and walk and climb. I love nature and also am very curious. I love learning and want to do everything, which can sometimes be my achilles heel as well as learning to rest and take time out.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was always aware of my gift from a child. I remember I used to have some incredible experiences in my bedroom. I would see fairies and pixies and I always remember talking to them. I would play with them and they became part of my world.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience with a client was towards the end of last year. I was asked to conduct a mediumship reading and this one was soooo incredibly powerful. The client wanted to know obviously about her past and a grand mother. I was taken back to the days of slavery and I actually was part of that experience in that I felt everything and saw everything so clearly. I was able to describe things in such detail to my client she was blown away. Then Spirit moved me forward to World War 1, and again I saw everything as clear as day. The feelings and my sensory connection were very very strong and once again the detail I was given was profound. My client was able to confirm everything I said, from both experiences. I had to have a nice long soak after that very intense session.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am an Intuitive Healer and a Hypnotherapist. I offer Past Life Regression as well. I have a Life Coaching Diploma and generally my experiences as a Healer allows me to work at a profound level. Often people think I'm a Psychologist because of the type and level of information that comes through me. I have had many challenging life experiences which also help me to connect to my clients, which have been part of my life experience, but which do not define me, they have just helped me to evolve.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing is that a client feels they are open and ready to hear the truth and not what they want to hear. It's sometimes challenging to do a reading with someone who either does not believe, or who is testing us because when a client is testing, it blocks the flow of energy. Also for this reason, being open is key because if a client wants to challenge or is not ready to hear 'the truth' but wants to hear what they feel they want to hear - then ultimately they can't get to where they really want to get to, because there is a process and if they want to skip a few steps, then they won't get what they really want.

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Esther. It was really lovely to speak to you this evening. I’m so full of anxiety but you gave me so much clarity on a bad situation. I will be following up on spiritual exercises you suggested. I will be back in touch in the New Year. All my very best wishes to you. Tracey

Brilliant reading from Esther. Absolutely spot on. Lovely lady, warm, friendly and compassionate. Will report back if things come to pass! Thank you ????

This lady was so good straight to the point told you everthing she could on this situation she was kind honest but she also has compassion for people

She is a wonderful lady she told me everthing I need to know and she also gave me some on things which I will do

Excellent reader, tuned in with spot-on validations and messages. Really hit the nail on the head with many things I'm dealing with and working on right now. A lot of deep insights intelligently and supportively delivered, will definitely be calling again for guidance. Many thanks Esther. Angela. xx

Wow what a reader! She absolutely nailed the connection with the person I wanted to ask about, in depth their feelings and emotions. Thanks so much Esther, you are fantastic.

This lady is wonderful accurate, gives solid helpful advice. She has blown me away, she told me the town I am living in without saying anything . Give her a chance, you won't be disappointed. This lady will be very busy, I am glad I had a positive reading, and it looks good, thank you Esther