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Natural Psychic Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Crystals, Psychic Development, Reiki Healing

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Natural Psychic Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Crystals, Psychic Development, Reiki Healing

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What do I like most about giving readings to clients :

I love helping people and I feel that through my natural psychic gift my readings can help my clients in many ways, whether that's gaining them clarity upon a situation, giving them hope and an excitement about the future, helping them see the light when they are in the darkness or generally helping them on their pathway the best I can. I am always there for people from all walks of life and love to help any way I can. My readings are always a great honour for me to be able to help someone in their life on their journey and many clients have become great friends of mine over the years.

How would I say I am typical of my star sign :

Being a Pisces we are naturally very empathetic and caring people with a big warm heart. This makes us the ideal reader who can sympathise with your problems, as often we have been in the same boat ourselves and had our own life lessons to learn from in order to serve others better. We also are very often born with a natural psychic ability which makes us in tune with the world of spirit from a very young age. This was the case with myself and my gifts have been passed down from my mothers side from generation to generation. Both my grandmother and mother are psychic. As a Pisces we are also great listeners and non judgmental - which make us very open and honest people and a great person to turn to if you are in a crisis or need honest advice. We are very loyal people and extremely genuine - if we make a connection with you we will always be there for you no matter what.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From a very young age as a child. This was reassured to me by my mother as normal as she had the gift from her mother, but as a child you are often a little unsure of it. Only then as you grow older do you start to understand that it"s totally normal and nothing to be afraid of and start to see it as a great gift to be able to help others in life. I fully embrace my psychic abilities now and have done for the last 15 years.

What is my most memorable experience with a client?

Well there are so many to recount, but to me the most prolific readings are those which you get information coming through and when you tell the client they instantly validate what you have said - this always is a highly enjoyable experience and helps the reader and client connect deeper in the reading as you are working with a great connection.

Another example is when a client was very unsure of her personal relationship with a man she loved deeply. She was very unsure and felt positive the relationship was over as she felt he had been unfaithful. When looking into the situation I saw that even though she had doubts and yes this man had enjoyed some fair flattery outside of the relationship, he did indeed genuinely love my client. I reassured her that he would be coming forwards and wanting to talk about the future and at the time this seemed impossible, however within a few weeks my client rang me back and confirmed what I had seen - he wanted to move forwards with her, put the past behind them and start afresh. She is now very happy with him today and glad she did not walk away. Of course we all have free will and can change our life path at any time to what we feel is best for us at any given time, but sometimes spirit has their own ways of working mysteriously to bring people together who are meant to be.

What other experiences and qualifications do you have that helps you as a reader?

I am a fully trained Reiki Master and have been for the last ten years, this has greatly helped me open up when working with spirit. It also helps me connect better to the client on a healing level and pick up on their energy. I have over ten years experience working in the field professionally as a psychic and have attended many psychic fairs, events and have a growing list of private clients worldwide. I take pride also in word of mouth recommendations which is always lovely.

What is the most important thing for a client to consider before having a reading?

I always feel it is important for a client to be relaxed, open minded and be drawn to their reader for the best natural connection. As psychics we can only advise upon what we feel or see and will always be open and honest. We are here to help and I will always look after my client and tell things as I see it as I have their best interests at heart. If you are clear on the area you wish to look at or have any questions you may wish to ask ready this will help you gain the best from your reading.

I would also like to clarify with potential clients wishing to book a reading with me that I am not a Psychic Medium who connects to a deceased former partner / person upon demand. For such services of those wishing to speak specifically with a deceased relative / friend I recommend that you consult with a Psychic Medium, but be aware one cannot always guarantee spirit can be brought in on demand. I work with the world of spirit and my guides in a beautiful and natural way when delivering a reading and any guidance that may come through to enhance the reading at the time of connection will be given.

I look forward to reading for you.

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Wow!first time I've seen Emily rose on line,loved her energy and what a fabulous packed with info reading,what this lovely lady doesnt know??I extended reading to 40 mins and I've got a stack of validations and predictions!! Worth every penny!catch her if you can....PURE GOLD!!! Thankyou for an amazing reading xx Nicola

Hi Emily Rose, please come online more often!

Absolutely amazing! Emily Rose predicted many things for me that have transpired over a period of time, when I almost gave up hope. Thank you for all your support, and guidance angel. The most genuine, and honest reader I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. If you are lucky enough to get through to Emily Rose, you wont be disappointed as she is outstanding, and exceptionally gifted. A Xxx💞

Simply an amazing reader! So accurate and truly beautiful in her delivery. She picked up on my soulmate without anything from me and was so accurate it was stunning. Love her and can't wait to talk to her again soon xoxo ❤️️ Thank you so much!!!!

Hi to the beautiful Emily! I just can't get through to you now that you are so popular and not online as much now! Miss talking with you and desperately in need of your guidance right now! Please come online more. L&l to you my lovely xx from C xx

I recently had a readng with Emily. After some time there was information and names she picked up, which she couldn't possibly have known! Emily tunes straight in like a fly on the wall in the crux of my situation! The predictions are happening as suggested, though there was one which I thought would not materialise, but that has just happened! Such an amazing, genuine and talented beautiful young lady! You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much for your time and will call back very soon xxx

Thank you so much for an amazing reading. This lady is fab and her energy just picks you up. So so lucky to have found her, H x

Just wanted to say thank you to the lovely Emily rose for her amazing readings and insight. It has been a bit of a roller coaster but everything always prevails just as Emily rose predicts. Well... Emily rose has got it spot on yet again!! Months ago she predicted that in the new year my soulmate would want to change his career and move into a more positive direction, he has recently informed me that he is planning to change his job and move on after working for the same establishment for many years. Amazing! He is coming forward more and we have recently had a breakthrough with our relationship whereby he had told me he wants to be the best person he can be for me and make things work for us. We have been through so much so I thought it would be impossible to get to this place again but here we are looking forward to the future ❤️ Thank you for literally everything Emily rose, you have been amazing. Your support through the tough times have been incredible and you have given me major insight which always comes through so accurately. xxx

Feeling simply amazing... More predictions coming through I am probably the happiest I have ever been! My love turned up out of the blue at my flat as Emily Rose said he would and we have been going from strength to strength ever since.. Communication is flowing and we are now in the best possible place ❤️.. He is just opening up daily with his feelings.. I passed my 6 month probation at my current work place just as Emily Rose said I would with ease... I was above average with my review back from my manager I am just so so happy and I never ever thought it would be possible but Emily Rose stood firm and said all of this months ago but could not see it at the time.. I wanted to give up so many times and I am sure Emily rose's patient wore thin at times - LOL but she was adamant and so accurate with all that she saw and told me. Thank you again for everything, I could not have got this far without you xxxxxxx

Emily rose is an Angel in Disguise. She is spot on and clear all my doubts. It's amazing how we both connected, being she is a water sign pisces like me. Never ever met such a compassionate, honest and genuine reader like her in my life. She is calm. One by one her validations stunned me. I simply adore her. I am eager for her predictions to come true and I'm confident it will. Please gimme her a call you wont regret. BEST psychic you will ever find and she will answer to all your questions sincerely, no sugar coating. Love you a lot Emily and feel so blessed to have had readings with you.Big Hugs and Kisses from A XXXs