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Tarrot, Oracle Cards, Angel Card, Soul Reader, Clairvoyant

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Tarrot, Oracle Cards, Angel Card, Soul Reader, Clairvoyant



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Hi, my name is Ellesia and I'm a 49 year old mother of three grown children. By nature I am very spiritual, I love the beauty of the world, mother earth is a magical place. I am an intuitive psychic; I’m told that I am from from a line of Romanian Gypsies. I wouldn't know this from my parents as I was adopted at birth, my connection to my spirit guides share this with me and other psychics pick up on this when I'm given a reading. I am able to give a reading by use of Tarot card, Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, Crystals and Crystal ball. This is done with guidance from the spirits I connect with. From being at a very young age I have been highly sensitive and intuitive. I sense the emotions of anyone within my auric field, it's as though I can mind read, I discovered this is my soul reading ability. To soul read is like an instant download with strangers I come into contact with; not only face to face but also the vibration of voices can trigger an instant knowing. Readings I have given for many years and I am passionate about providing clarity and guidance to my clients as I possess great empathy and compassion to all I connect with. I look forward to giving an inspiring insight as to what lies ahead, in the hope to free you of any troubles in your beautiful minds. My aim is to brighten up your spirits and above all be honest in what lies ahead. If I am to tell you something a little disappointing, please know I can only be truthful but I assure you things always come good the cards see it all.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love to inspire people and give hope in what lies ahead. The happiness within someone that I have created, gives me a great sense of purpose. The connection I feel to someone sharing their personal life can be overwhelming (in a good way) in giving a client a reading it helps give clarity and understanding to them in their current situation. There is nothing I love more than giving people hope and seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Aries are known to be the first of the Zodiac and lead with their head. I possess very high intuition which aids my psychic abilities, which is a typical trait of an Arien. Also as a fire sign my heart burns with a warmth inside and Aries are known for their honesty and loyalty. I detest lies and dishonesty and feel my intuition peak when someone is being insincere.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I became first aware of my gift as a very small child. I would sense people's emotions around me, see the true soul of someone, the good, the bad and the ugly. I never understood why I would feel so uncomfortable around certain people. I now know this to be due to me being sensitive and possessing psychic abilities. When my dad was terminally ill, one night I heard him call my name, in my head a kind of echo. He called my name three times, it felt strange and I felt he was saying goodbye. I rushed to the phone called the hospital, it was just gone midnight. I asked was my dad okay, they said yes, he's sleeping. The phone rang that same day at 6.20am; it was the hospital saying to come quick it was my dad! And there wasn’t enough time to get my mum. I was at the hospital within 10 mins, my dad had passed.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience with a client was a woman who was in complete despair. I could see all the good fortune that lay ahead for her during this very bad time and how things would unfold and she would be happy again. It brightened her spirits to connect on the level in which we did. Two months later she called me to say all her luck had changed. Her son had moved back home after I’d told her the relationship he was in would come to an end. Her son had fallen out with her as she had told him exactly what she thought of his girlfriend (she was in fact right) I confirmed he'd very soon see her true colours, to be patient, not to get involved and let what I see play out. A long life friend called her to invite her to visit, something she never expected after crossed words were exchanged. I had said an unexpected invitation will bring a smile to your face, someone who you care deeply for but have parted company quite recently. I'd said not to worry things will be the same as they ever were. In addition to this there was a woman at her place of work who was really making her life difficult. I predicted that she would leave as an affair she was having would practically blow up in her face. The woman did leave as it turned out the Directors wife found out .The hope I’d given her made her stronger and her belief in my reading help keep her positive. The happiness and joy she now felt after coming to see me so distraught was truly memorable, I can hear her in my mind even now. Some may think these aren't big things, I believe every individual is unique in their own way, what feelings plague one person may not another. Bringing any form of happiness, any hope using my abilities will stay in my memory eternally.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have prophetic dreams which always come as cryptic; it’s just a case of decoding the message. In my working profession I have been a life coach, councillor and have worked with people with vulnerabilities. My gift of being a soul reader and high intuition aids me to engage with people. The crystals I wear guard me from negative energy; in my experience I won't leave the house without one to protect me. I also use crystals on clients for Reiki.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I personally feel the client should understand that whatever is seen may not always be what they were hoping for, and can sometimes bring disappointment To expect a mix of emotions and to trust in their reader with an open mind. To know that a connection will be formed and when this happens the client will have their personal life open to read as if it were a book. Faith, trust and understanding are key.


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From one empath to another, thank you so much for a lovely reading, predictions and understanding. Lovely lady to talk to. xx

Lovely person, lovely reader. Felt so much better after talking to her.

Wow!! Superb reader. Can honestly say that this lady has genuinely helped me along my path. Tuned in sooooo quickly and knew instinctively what was best for me. Absolute credit to Psychic Sofa. You won’t be dissapointed!!! Xxx

An absolute spot on everything Elisa said . I’m very impressed with her readings it was very honest, right and insightful. I got everything I need to know within 30mins. I will continue to ask her for more readings in the future. Definitely I recommend her readings.

Excellent, uplifting reader - was spot on about my current situation and I look forward to the predictions :)

Amazing reader. Highly recommend. She picked up on everything straight away. Xx

Sorry we got cut off, really good chat

Lovely lovely lady, so good and can't wait for what's coming up x d x

Great call with Ellesia. She always links in quickly (spoken to her a few times now) and the information just flows accurately no questions asked.

Surprised Ellesia doesn''t have Many reviews! She was spot on with my situation and people around me.. no question asked and also gave a good advice.. thank you so much Ellesia. Rosalia x x x