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Tarrot, Oracle cards Clairsentient, Empath, intuitive

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Tarrot, Oracle cards Clairsentient, Empath, intuitive

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Hi, I'm Charmain and I am an experienced, non judgmental, honest and extremely compassionate Tarot and Oracle card Intuitive Reader and Empath. I specialise in Love, Soul mate and Twin Flame journey readings, but can give guidance with the help of spirit on all matters including, work, family, and carear. I realised a long time time ago that my sensitivity was actually a gift and wanted to use that gift to help and assist others in their life.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love being that person who can turn a negative into a positve with ease along with giving guidance to help as many people as I can. I do not sugarcoat anything though I am very honest as I believe thats the best way to really help a person move forward or make a decision on their journey.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Well I am a Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon sign, so as a typical gemini I do love to talk lol but am also a very good listener and I am very good at seeing all perspectives in any situation, along with my scorpio moon which gives me very strong intution and a huge heart with tonnes of compassion and empathy.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first remember being aware of my gifts when I was a teenager in school and always could tell what someone was thinking or what their personality was like just from looking into their eyes.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I was on the phone to a client who had just found out she had been cheated on we had a 2 hour conversation where I showed her patterns from her past and guided her how to move forward with guidance from spirit and tarot. She was very calm by the end of call and ready to make changes in her life. That was very moving for me.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a Reiki Practicioner, spiritual healer, life coach and spiritual coach assisting people on their spiritual journeys. I also have some Clairvoyance and spirit have shown themselves to me while doing readings at times.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When having a reading a person should be open hearted and open minded, messages will not always come through as you expect but you will always get what you need.

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Brilliant reader xx

I had a fifty min reading and my word Charmain has clarified a lot to me what is going on in my personal life.Spot on with the gentleman concerned.Clarified a lot to me Thankyou.Look forward in having another reading.x