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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Whenever I read for a client I always feel a great joy in knowing that Spirit, via myself have helped whether in a small or big way, to make someone's day and given them a smile. Maybe they have been given a little hope or a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Hopefully I have given the recipient the guidance needed to make good positive choices within their life.

I also love the feeling of peace I feel when a spirit loved one can reach out to their loved one here on Earth and provide them with the proof that they still continue and that life is NEVER ending.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am a Piscean and I am by nature, a very sensitive person. I often pick up on people's feelings and auras and I am fuelled by the compassion I often feel for my fellow man. This trait therefore, gives me the passion in my heart needed to help a friend or stranger in need.

I am a clairsentient by nature (typical of Pisces) which gives me the ability to sense peoples' needs and feelings. I feel that I am a very old soul and that, at the end of my travels around the zodiac (Pisces is the last and final sign of the zodiac) it is my duty during this, my last life here on Earth, to help my fellow man to learn and to live a fulfilled and happy life, using the knowledge stored deep within my soul from all previous existences. .

When did you first become aware of your gift?

When I was a very young child, probably around three or four, I remember being aware of spirit people. They would show themselves to me and come around me whenever I felt sad. It wasn't until my early twenties though that I felt the pull to begin to work as a messenger for the spirit world. I began to work as a medium/psychic and receive messages for people and began to understand that when we pass over we leave our earthly bodies and go back to where we originally came from, back to the life-force which feeds all life within the universe.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Over the last fifteen years I have carried out many memorable readings, privately and also during public demonstrations but one or two readings stand out in my mind.

One such reading was during an open circle at a local spiritualist church. I became aware of a very pretty young lady, dressed in fashionable, 'going out' clothes. I knew that this lady had passed in a tragic way and the only thing she kept telling me was "I lost my shoe!" showing me her foot without a shoe. When I gave the lady to a woman sat in the circle she instantly recognised her and after I described her and the things she showed me, including one of her shoeless feet the lady was taken aback. This young spirit lady then gave a message of significance to help the lady with a problem she was experiencing in her life at that moment in time. Afterwards the lady came to me and said. "I was with her when she passed over. We had been on a night out together and she was killed after getting out of a taxi. Her shoe was inside the taxi and I took it to the hospital with me!" This had happened about 20 years earlier and the lady then said to me, "I still have her shoe!"

I always find spirit to be amazing when they bring such proof but the most amazing thing was that this spirit lady wanted to let her friend know that she watched over her and wanted to help from the other side.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have done many private one to one readings for many people from all walks of life over the past fifteen years. Some who were grieving over the loss of a loved one, some who felt at a desperate point in their life and just need a little guidance. I always strive to provide proof of spirit by describing as much as I can, a person's looks, their personality and things they may have done in life.

I have also given public demonstrations to halls of people.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When you are having a psychic/spiritual reading it is important to remember that spirits bring only guidance. Yes, they CAN see around the corner of the path you are at present walking upon and can help you to prepare to cope with any obstacles are upon that path. We all have hills to climb in life, even me, but you must always remember that this is your life to live and the path you chose to walk upon and the choices you make are inevitably yours. So I always ask that you begin your reading with an open mind and heart and spirit will give to you all that they are able to. This will hopefully help YOU to make the right choices within your life.

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Thank you for your lovely reading, Aylin. You have a beautiful, very calming voice and healing (encouraging) energy. Everything you said resonates strongly. Will update you by Spring time. Much Love xxx G

I have had three readings with Aylin and she is phenomenal. She picked up on people coming through from spirit. She was bang on with my current situation and has predicted what other top clairvoyants on this site have predicted. Definitely one of my go to people. She doesn’t sugar coat things or give you false hope. Definitely my go to reader calms my anxiety straight away. I’ve taken notes , looking forward to your predictions to come true like the past prediction you made. You are truly a wonderful lady who doesn’t take advantage of her gift because she is very honest. Lots of love and light xxx

It is always a joy to have a reading with lovely Aylin, she is my number 1 reader! She tuned into my mum and her two sisters and she picked up from the word viaduct. I recently went on holiday to Scotland and went under a viaduct on a river cruise through the highlands and island of Scotland. I was amazed, she made lots more predictions and they are always spot on! Good blessing to you always Aylin, Poppy xx

I’ve just had my first reading with Alyin I had planned to extend but pressed the wrong button……. This lady is phenomenal.Simply phenomenal I feel better I feel trusting of her messages and I will be calling again I am a regular to this site and have sussed out the strongest readers after many years of calling them Alyin is number one I am too psychic but cannot see so everything I felt was confirmed in our reading and I couldn’t be happier right now Thank you !! Xx R

Had a few readings with aylin. The very first one she predicted that I would hear from my SP by the back end of the weekend in August, I didn’t believe it at the time until it came true ! Waiting for the new reading to come to pass but Aylin is spot on with dates and timings ! Xx

Aylin, I didn’t get to say thank you. You picked up on the situation straight away. Was feeling very confused and lost by recent events. Although I can’t think the events you saw should occur logically.. you’ve given me such a sense of calm and the lady in spirit you saw may have been my grandmother who passed last year. I will be patient and see how things unfold in the next 2 weeks and promise to let you know! Thank you for your energy today! I needed it

I had a reading with Aylin around 6 weeks ago. I wanted to come back and tell, that just about everything she predicted happened in the timing given, which is hard to do. There are some more things in October to come, but she has gotten everything so far, spot on. Thank you for bringing messages from my dad who only passed a couple of months ago. Lots of love xxx

Validation after validation, genuine mediumship skills, lovely lady to speak too. All I'm gonna, say is thankyou I defiantly know spirt are with me and guiding me, remember two keys become one, many thanks x

Had an amazing reading with Aylin....the validations she provides are first class! She brought my dad through from spirit as he passed over when I was four and she explained my Dad had no front tooth. Which is so accurate as he wore a plate on his front tooth. She picked up on the name France and my auntie whom I was so close to had the surname France. Outstanding reader, she provided validation after validation. Thank you lovely Aylin. Love Poppy xxx

Aylin you told me about meeting a person from Canterbury with the name Douglas it didn’t resonate in any way to me at all I had no clue but today it happened I’m beyond shocked by this your just amazingly brilliant!!!!!