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Hi, I'm Annelise, a deep empath and intuitive. I've been reading tarot and astrology for 30 years now, to reveal the hidden world that science cannot explain. And it still never ceases to amaze me that the Divine - and our own unconscious - will speak to us through these symbols and help make sense of our lives. I made all my own big life decisions asking for insight with these tools and am honoured to help you find comfort and clarity - and help make your life decisions, in the same way.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love being able to provide a greater mental peace in challenging times. It's an honour to be asked to confirm what someone is seeing and then show additional connections and blessings they might not have seen. Sometimes in a general reading, I see things I've not been asked to help with, and won't reveal, for moral and ethical reasons, but having this knowledge still allows me to help in a deeper way. And if the client does want to address deeply important questions, I can do that with spiritual astrology [we need at least 30 minutes for this - see below].

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Probably the thing I like most about being a Cancer is the ability to feel and care so deeply. And being able to comfort others makes me happy too. Added to that, my Cancer stellium is in the 12th house of spiritual depth. This means I'm not a completely typical Cancer. I feel emotions in a very Piscean way - super deep, no matter how far away someone is. More importantly, I also tend to interpret our emotions from the spiritual context rather than just a material context. My focus is on feeling at home in the universe, wherever we are. That is also my highest wish for your reading with me - to help your spiritual growth and feeling of being at home and in harmony in your life.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I knew I was aware of other people's thoughts and emotions before I went to school and started interpreting symbols from books and birds and dreams when I was five years old. At the time, it was a secret game between God and me to help me know what to do with my life and at school - it seemed completely natural, so I didn't realise it was a special gift until I was much older and met spiritual teachers who confirmed my abilities. I kept my abilities secret for a long time though.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A single mother once asked me at short notice to help her make a life-changing decision on marriage with a man she had met just 6 weeks earlier, through a personal Ad. This isn't something a tarot reading can help with, as it's such a serious question. So I did an astrological analysis of her chart together with her potential partner and uncovered their compatibility and potential challenges. No partnership is without problems but the stars clearly showed great joy. She was relieved and acted positively on this advice and she and her two children accepted the offer to become a family with the new man. As far as I know they are still deliriously happy together.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

To ground my deep empathy and natural desire to help others, I also became a serious spiritual practitioner, a trained scientist and life coach. These disciplines were a necessary and lovely balance for the chaos that we often experience in the spiritual world - over the last 20 years, this is what has helped me help others balance reason with emotional and spiritual growth in their daily life too.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing to remember about the realm we call 'psychic' is that it's simply another layer of the reality you're already living in, not a separate world. I believe you already know the answer you are looking for, but can't see it because you're too close to it. So the best way to approach a reading with me is to let your mind relax into space and then ask for more information about 'what is my present situation', 'what can go wrong' and 'what is the most beneficial outcome'. From this point, I can also help you see what is likely to happen, based on the present situation - though of course it's not destiny - the future is up to your choices to act and anyone else involved. Of all the tools I use to reveal the unconscious and spiritual worlds, tarot and stichomancy are easiest for a quick confirmation and clarification but please remember they also show how you feel, not just how a situation actually 'is', so tarot readings can change as quickly as your emotions. That's why gypsies used to teach that your current reading is only valid for the same amount of time that lapsed since your last reading! Dream interpretation is a lot more intimate than tarot and can be more helpful to confirm your own intuition about your life, if you remember your dreams in enough detail to share. The most accurate and detailed of all is Astrology. Looking at your stars gives a picture of your whole life not just your current challenges and opportunities. I specialise in helping people understand their spiritual gifts, purpose and relationships with this tool. If you would like this kind of reading, please note we need a minimum of 30 minutes for a single [or 45 mins for relationships] and you will need to let me know your birth date and time [as best you can] as well as the town or city you [and/ or your person] were born.

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Great to talk to

Thank you for a lovely reading, Annelise. You're a kind and honest reader, you connected well and your predictions are in-line with those of other readers. You have a lovely energy x I'm sure you'll be busy here on PS! xxxxxx