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As a child I didn't believe in coincidence. Life often felt to me like a kaleidoscope of communication from that which we call 'the universe' from broken mirrors to dreams. Since I tended to spend a lot of time alone growing up, I began unknowingly developing my reading abilities on my travels by playing games with myself such as seeing how many passers-by I could get to smile back at me and from how far away, or imagining the lives and realities of other passengers riding with me on the bus home. Before too long my Mother had sensed I had a gift and began to teach me the ways of tarot, herbology and the quantum universe! And so it was that during my early teens, I was first introduced to the spirit world... Throughout my life I’ve had a very close connection with this world and found myself calling upon certain angels to guide me, often with staggering, undeniable results! I have a deep sense of trust in this world and an understanding that once offered a means of communication with this dimension; spirits are more than eager to speak to us, guide us and answer us... They want to tell their story and those formerly connected to us in life are often keen to help us develop our own! My tarot deck is special to me since it was a gift from my Mother and has delivered very accurate and poignant readings so far. I also use a secret tool to summon messages from spirit!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love offering answers and providing a sense of clarity to those who turn to me for guidance. There's something magical about tapping into that which cannot be seen, allowing the universe to deliver its message and cracking the codes. The numerology side of tarot fascinates me and I am able to decipher the meaning behind numbers, number sequences and reoccurring numbers which can often crop up in our day to day lives or through our technology. I also have a good understanding of dream analogy and enjoy making sense of any dreamscape scenario, using methods I've picked up along the way and there's something very natural and intuitive about doing this kind of reading. As an empath, I can pick up on emotions through the tone of someone's voice and like to form a good understanding of how another is feeling. If a person were to return to me for readings regarding their circumstances I would be happy to guide them through their journey using a combination of tarot and intuition.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being a typical Leo I opt readily for the role of 'leader' and have a strong creative flare! This is something I've carried with me throughout my life, manifesting in the form of music and art. As a result of the natural confidence that comes with my star sign, I deliver clear, confident readings.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first became aware of my empathic ability to connect with others without speaking as a young girl and as I grew older, this awareness became ever more baffling, for example, I often shock myself by having known (without realising) what people's houses look like inside before I've visited for the first time! This has happened to me on numerous occasions and when I deliver tarot readings there is often a very strong, obvious theme that relates to their situation on a deep a and meaningful level. I discovered my connection with spirit during my late teens and it's something I've enjoyed developing and trusting.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

People often remember the cards I present to them during readings in such a way they can refer back to them months later and describe to me how the meaning manifested at a later date but my most memorable readings have been those offered to sceptics and 'non-believers'... I read once for a woman named Ellie whose belief system was based very much on science and the material world alone but was pleasantly surprised when my reading described not only her current situation but also her past and greatest influences so neatly and themes that resonated with her soul ran so tidily through the cards as I presented them to her, I'll never forget the surprised look on her face when the reading drew to a conclusion!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

As a singer and songwriter, I have harnessed ways to channel energy through my voice and consider myself a vessel by which the universe is welcome to communicate through in the form of lyrics. It's a cliché thing for a songwriter to say but I feel spiritually inclined not to take sole credit for my work since the inspiration comes from something far beyond me. I've known this ever since I wrote 'Fall Awake' for my band 'Mia and the Moon' which became the title song for our debut album in 2015. My Mother was experiencing communications with inter-dimensional entities when I wrote Fall Awake and returned from the horse yard one night where she'd been party to one of these ethereal conversations which as far as I'm aware didn't happen too often... I had written "Fall Awake" while she was out in the field that night and played it to her when she came home. It wasn't quite clear in the moment why she was so stunned with the song I wrote (aged 16) but when I learned of her spiritual experience out in the yard that night it became obvious that many of 'Fall Awake's lyrics were not telling my own story, but in fact, hers! As follows... "I feel you on my skin, see your reflection when I look in the mirror and almost like a ghost I feel as if you're close but nobody's here."

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I am very open-minded and require little to no information in order to carry out a reading for someone though a specific question can really help guide the information which comes back from me to them through a clear concise path and ensure that a client gets the most out of the reading, in terms of making sense in accordance with their specific situation. I can offer spiritual guidance in terms of mediumship. In some cases, I am able to do this even if the client is unaware of whom they are hoping to speak to but otherwise, knowing their name and relationship to the client can really assist me in establishing a connection to the source and being able to deliver their message accurately, with continuity and in a way which makes sense and offers guidance to the client!

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