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I have always been gifted from birth, giving messages to family and friends. I will often give you the information you need to make your own decision. Sometime life gives you too much information. It's hard to sort out your best course of action. I will look at your cards and tell you your best parts, for you to make up your own mind. Sue had been in a job for years. She gave her notice in, not knowing where she would go for her next job. I told her and she found her dream job.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love to see people/Customers take control over events or the things that are feeling out for control. By using the cards to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. By looking at the things they do. What issues they have or are they not good with changes? If they are presenting as a certain type, like needing continuity. Then there is no point asking to look at jobs that change daily. Or if they cannot get out of bed till 10am. Asking them to start at 6.30am. When you are in turn with the customer you can see past the white noise of life. To give the information to make their own choices.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Aquarius is my Sun sign and Scorpio is my Moon Sign. I can be very easy going, but when you back me into a corner, don't expect me not to strike back. A humanitarian at heart who hates injustice. I pride myself on seeing the bigger picture. My goal is for people to make the best of themselves. I find my horoscope is not true to who I am.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I remember being a small child about 3 years old, still in my cot, with the bars all the way around. Two spirts used to come and see me. The problem is when you open the only door into the room it would make a noise. When these two came in, they would come from the Bay windows. I used to be so scared, that would cry for my mother to come and get me.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

When a client called me back to say they had found the house, I had told them about. It started with them calling me to say that she had lost her Job and also their flat. They were homeless. I told them that they had asked the spirit to make their life better. They were not happy with anything in their life. So Spirit was now giving them what they had asked for. I described the new house with a small door in an upstairs room and also what was on the other side of that door? Which in this case was another large room? My client found the door and the room and was so excited to tell me so.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm a qualified Healer in many different ways. Hypnotherapist, Aricur Acupuncture, Crystal healer, counselling and Psychic healing. It will depend on what the person needs at the time of reading. Know your audience. See what they need and if it’s right for you to provide it? I have done a live stage show in Southampton. I have read every one in the room, loved it. That would be one of my goals, to do that again.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It's so important to know your Audience. Get it wrong or if they ask for reading then block you, because they get scared that you know all about them and their life. A psychic reading is just that. It is there to give information, which may not be what you what to hear. Listening is the most important thing. As you must not presume you can say anything you want. We are not here to frighten anyone.

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Fantastic. So accurate. X

Absolutely amazing thank you so much Andraya - really really gob smacked at the accuracy of everything that you said. My mind is totally at rest now on everything!! Yes I will take your wonderful advice and just step back and watch. Mags xxx

Andraya Thankyou so much for a fantastic reading. I had asked Andraya for a relationship reading and she immediately got the man i enquired about. She also brought through my father which was lovely. She picked up.on things that no one knew like i was thinking of starting a legal case which had been on my mind for only a few weeks and had told noone about. Thanks Andraya for a honest clear and really lovely reading. I look forward to updating you about your predictions.

Such a wonderful lady. Thank you for such a fab and accurate reading. you were spot on about my situtaion without me promting. Hope the rest come through ... much love xxx

Very lovely reader. She brought through my auntie I was so greatful thank you godbless you x

Thanks for the reading this evening. I will let you know how my exams go. Lovely energy from this reader and no judgy problem page style advice. Information no one could have known and again will feedback re predictions as due in a few weeks time for the first one. Thanks Andraya.

Wow.....this lady is going to be so busy believe me she knew things that no one could know and has excellent mediumship skills. Thank you best reading I have had in a very long time

This lady is amazing...she knew so many things without me saying...she is just wow...thank you you helped me so much I was lost but you answered my question i am glad I called you...anyone who want genuine help give this lady a Kym xx

The most kindest caring lady! My reading was 100% accurate and fingers crossed ill have the best news ever on October 24th! Andraya you are gifted and you made me feel so relaxed!! I will be in contact again soon.x