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My name is Amalise, I am a naturally gifted Clairsentient and Clairaudient tarot card reader. I cannot remember a time when I did not have the gift of clairvoyancey.

I knew I was unlike other children but as my mother was a psychic medium it was a normal way of living for me. My mother taught me to read the tarot cards so that I could help others and for the last 30 years that is what I have done.

Love and relationships, career opportunities or worries are just a couple of issues I can help you with. New relationships where you are wondering if this is the one and more established relationships where you know that something is not right but are having trouble finding what the real problem is. If you are concerned that you are on the wrong path in life I can also help you with that.

The tarot is a wonderful way of looking at our problems from a unique perspective and along with psychic awareness it can be stunningly insightful.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

 I use the Tarot as a guide along with my psychic intuition and insight. I am at my happiest when I can connect with my client and help them with any worries they may have and when I know that I have been able to do that it is the best feeling in the world. Very often we can’t put a finger on exactly what is troubling us. I know myself, it happens to me sometimes, now I pull a Tarot card every morning to help me understand what I need to be aware of throughout the day ahead. Being able to help others in this way is the greatest reward there is.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a Cancerian I enjoy looking after people and I have a tendency to mother, feed and spend a lot of my time looking after others. I think I probably drive my grown up children crazy and they are always telling me to stop feeding all the cats that come into my garden! Thankfully I have a lovely granddaughter that I can spoil now and I just love having my family around me, Christmas time is hectic, chaotic and crazy when all my children come home for the holiday and like a true Cancerian I love every minute of it!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

 I knew from quite a young age that I had different experiences in my life that my friends did not have. When I was old enough to understand, my mother explained that like her and my grandmother, I had a special gift that I would be able to use to help people when I was older if I chose to. Even though I saw my mother using the Tarot on a daily basis I didn’t really connect it with the feelings and sensations that I continued to experience, it wasn’t until I entered my teenage years that enlightenment came and I was able to connect all the dots together and by the time I was learning the Tarot properly believe that I knew that I did have a six sense.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

 I have asked permission from this particular lady to write about a mail reading I did for her when I was at home with my young children 25 years ago.

Sue wrote to me and asked for a relationship reading, ‘Would she ever find the right man?

During the reading I picked up on a gentleman from her past and I could see that in some way he was still on the scene. The cards showed a future relationship that could become a deep and meaningful partnership in every way but this man from her past appeared to be a big obstacle for her future happiness. I told her that she had to give up all emotions that she had for her ‘ex’ and throw out everything she had that connected to him. To be honest I wasn’t as happy with the reading as I wanted to be, I kept thinking I had missed something so I gave her my phone number in case she wanted more clarity and I felt the need to talk to her. I sent the mail and never really expected her to call. Two days later she did, I heard her voice and understanding slapped me in the face. This lovely lady was transgender, the man she needed to release was her old life as a man. It was the beginning of a great friendship, still going strong after 25years and yes she did meet the ‘one’ and now she has the voice of an angel.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I now have many years experience working with the Tarot and my psychic intuition allows me to empathise and tune into other people’s emotions. I’m a good listener and I truly do want to help others. I also have a law degree, which may at first seem like a strange attribute for a reader, however, I believe this has helped me organise my thoughts in a practical and logical way. With my psychic awareness and my legal background, my practical down to earth side, I am able to give a well-rounded reading that I have found to be a blessing in my life and Tarot work.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When you decide that you would like to have a Tarot reading it is always a good idea to relax and focus your mind on the question you want to ask. Before the reading take down some notes, write anything you think you might want to say or ask, note down anything that comes to mind. Then when you have the reading have the notes with you so that you can check that we have covered all your questions, your worries and any issue you would like to address, this will ensure that when the reading has ended and you have put down the phone you won’t have one of those ‘I wish I had remembered to ask that’ moment'.

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Just had an amazing reading with a lovely lady that was uplifting and very accurate information! Spot on . Looking forward to meeting my new partner soon ! Don’t hesitate to call! You won’t be disappointed. Thank you are amazing Amalise! Truly gifted and I am grateful with the accurate and on point reading. You definitely picked up the situations right away with validations. I can't wait to update you with the predictions. I truly enjoyed the reading. Highly recommend at least try once. Hugs - EB

As a fellow reader I can say you won't be disappointed calling this lovely lady.

Had a wonderful reading with Amalise. Tunes in very quickily. Doesnt ask questions. She very good and succent to what you want to know. I will update you on the time scales and predictions made. Definately worth having a reading. she will suprise you with her gift.

Wow, amazing! I will keep you updated once the predictions come to pass this weekend. You are awesome! Will be back ((18th Aug'-AM)) Xtina xxx

Amalise, you are an amazing reader. We have had many readings since I found you last fall. Many of your predictions have materialized,and many more to come I am sure of that. You are kind, and compassionate reader. Thank you for you guidance ! You are the best ! xx May 18/2017

Wow! I really enjoyed my reading today with Amalise. Spot on! Confirmed what I thought was happening in a relationship. I will be sure to call again and let her know how things are going and get more insights. Thank you for putting my mind at ease Amalise. XO

Thank you so much. I felt a lovely energy speaking with you. I feel extremely calm and ready to ride some big waves. Not only did you pick up on my situation, the person in question and my question - you gave me the answer I already knew! It helps to have your instinct validated by someone else and you could have been my intuitions voice. I highly recommend Amalise to bring some clarity to your life x

lovely first read with Miss Amalise. Very caring and motherly like. full of insight, easy going flow throughout the read and I felt free to shot out questions throughout. And Amalise truly interested to know your outcome. Thank you from Toronto Canada 01/03/2017 a merry new year!

Such a lovely lady. Thank you for giving me hope that my love will return to me soon. Bless you xxxx