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I knew from a very young age that I was gifted. I am a naturally sensitive and intuitive psychic, clairvoyant, medium and use my spirit guide to work with, I use all these skills in my readings. I work with energy and can tune into a reading straight away, identifying emotional and spiritual problems.

As a reader I do not predict as it is controlling, we all have choices and freewill, I make readings clear, honest and straight to the point. I will guide you to move through any blocks with ease. I am able to uncover emotional issues and relationship issues and help you gain the confidence again you need to make positive changes.

As a spiritual medium, I work with Angels, my spirit guide and loved ones who have crossed over, bringing messages and reassurance to help you come to terms with your loss and help you find closure and comfort in difficult situations.

Especially with love and relationship issues, money and business, including soul mates. Abby is a natural medium, clairvoyant and is always keen to pass a message from a loved one who has passed over into the spirit world, or from a past relationship.

I'm a reader that will help guide you in to your future.

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Abigail is an amazing reader and her predictions always come true she has got so many things right for me with relationships work and more not one thing hasn’t happened just like she predicted she is so caring and makes you feel great when you have spoken to her the best reader on here by far only downside is she is a hard women to catch and you won’t be disappointed thanks x

Thankyou so much for listening I really enjoyed our chat & will take on board the advice, I will call back with updates have a great weekend xx

Abigail is uplifting- She doesn’t ask questions, she just speaks confidently after receiving msgs from her guides. I believe everything she said, as she also knew she was right. Very impressive! I’ll calling back

Abigail please come online, really need to talk to you as some of the things you have picked up was spot on! Please come online x

Abigail is the only reader along with Sara that predicted no communication over the Christmas and New year but around mid Jan is when the guy in question will make contact. I spoke to Abigail on the 29th of December . Things make sense what she has said. I will update in Jan xx thank you

Abigail picks up on everything, another good reader on this site.

Has picked up on a few things that make sense to me, thank you hun x

Thank you so much for your kind words. Made sense of the whole situation now.???? Highly recommend.

Wow! Amazing reading. She was spot on with my situation. Abigail predictions happened in 24 hours exactly as she predicted. I'm really impressed.

Hi Abigail! I just tried to extend but pressed the wrong button, I’m so sorry. You were so kind and so lovely to me, and you helped me so much with something very personal. I’m so sorry it cut off. Thank you so so much!!xx